Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jenny for London

The London Green Party has selected Jenny Jones AM as our candidate for Mayor in the 2012 elections. Her website is here http://www.jennyforlondon.org

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


President Evo Morales Of Bolivia:

1.In order to save the planet, the capitalist model must be eradicated and the North pay its ecological debt, rather than the countries of the South and throughout the world continuing to pay their external debts.

2.Denounce and PUT AN END to war, which brings only profits for empires, transnationals, and a few families, but not for peoples. The millions and millions of dollars destined to warfare should be invested in the Earth, which has been hurt as a result of misuse and over exploitation

3.Develop relations of coexistence, rather than domination among countries in a world without imperialism or colonialism. Bilateral and multilateral relations are important because we belong to a culture of dialogue and social coexistence, but those relationships should not be of submission of one country to another.

4.Water is a human right for all living things on the planet. It is not possible that there be policies that permit the privatisation of water.

5. Develop clean energies that are NATURE FRIENDLY; put an end to energy wastefulness. In 100 years we are doing away with the fossil fuels that have been created over millions of years. Avoid the promotion of agrofuels. It is incomprehensible that some governments and economic development models can set aside land in order to make luxury cars run, rather than using it to provide food for human beings. Promote debates with governments and create awareness that the earth must be used for the benefit of all human being and not to produce agrofuels.

6.RESPECT for the mother earth. LEARN from the historic teachings of native and indigenous people with regard to the respect for the mother earth. A collective social consciousness must be developed among all sectors of society, RECOGNISING THAT THE EARTH IS OUR MOTHER.

7.Basic services such as water, electricity, education, heath care, communications and collective transportation should be considered human rights;they cannot be privatised but must rather be public services.

8.Consume what is necessary, give priority and consume what us produced locally, put an end to consumerism, waste and luxury. It is incomprehensible that some families dedicate themselves to the search for luxury, when millions and millions of persons do not have the possibility to live well.

9.Promote cultural and economic diversity. We are very diverse and this is our nature. A plurinational state, in which everyone is included within that state - whites, browns,blacks, everyone.

10.We want everyone to be able to live well, which does not mean to live better at the expense of others. We must build a communitarian socialism that is in harmony with the mother Earth.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Green Mayoral hopeful uncovers IPCC and UKBA inaction in public complaints

New figures obtained by the Green Party show that the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) failed to investigate a single complaint about the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) brought to it by members of the public in 2009 [1] or referred to it by the UKBA itself

In 2010 Dr Shahrar Ali a candidate for the Green Party Mayoral selection, obtained the figures after he fell victim to police misconduct and is now calling upon the IPCC to urgently review its procedures.

Following the UKBA failure to properly investigate a complaint he made against an officer in 2010, and the subsequent failure of the IPCC to intervene, Dr Ali has uncovered a culture of systematic inaction in both policing organisations regarding allegations of serious misconduct against the UKBA. In 2009 the IPCC did not intervene in a single one of the four cases referred to it by the public. And in 2010, the IPCC failed to intervene in any of the 15 cases referred to it by the UKBA itself.

The UKBA has also answered FOI requests made by Dr Ali. In 2009, out of 113 serious misconduct complaints made by the public, only 6 were “substantiated” by them. [3] In 2010, out of 119 serious misconduct complaints made by the public, only 8 were “substantiated” by them.

Dr Shahrar Ali says: “After being first the victim of UKBA misconduct on my return from holiday last year, then facing the added injustice of inaction by both the UKBA and IPCC after filing official complaints, I sought to confirm my suspicion of institutionalised denial and inaction by both agencies. The results of my Freedom of Information request for two consecutive years bring shame upon both organisations.”

Dr Ali continued, “How can it be credible for an organisation such as the UKBA to find no case to answer in 95% of the 232 serious misconduct complaints made to it by members of the public? How can it be acceptable for the IPCC to find no cause to intervene in all 19 of the UKBA cases referred to it over the period 2009-10? The IPCC is clearly not fulfilling its constitutional duty to protect the public from serious misconduct in the hands of the police. This negatively impacts upon some of the most disadvantaged groups in our society, who are more likely to be unjustly stopped, and undermines the good work which many officers do.”

Dr Ali was apprehended by a UKBA officer whilst alighting from a Eurostar train at St Pancras International on 18 August 2010, falsely accused of evading his fare and threatened with indiscriminate police action if he complained. This story and the first round of FOI results are reported here: http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/discriminated_british_academic_hits_out_at_ipcc_1_767801?ot=archant.PrintFriendlyPageLayout.ot

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Only a few days to go.

London Green Party members: Our GLA selection finishes at noon on Thursday. If you have not already voted, please do so as soon as possible.

Endorsements and calls of support are still piling in. Here are a few more:

From one of our best activists:
"The future of green politics in London lies in the hands of young fresh minds seeking a "new way". If elected to the GLA, I have no doubt that through his experience, dedication and commitment to green politics Noel will help many find a refreshing alternative."

"People simply want someone they can trust. As a relative newcomer to the Green Party I found this immediately in Noel and I am sure his character will stand him in good stead in the GLA."

"Noel has got what it takes to get things done at the GLA. "

"As a newcomer to green politics, I am immensely grateful to Noel for showing me the ropes without the political lassos. People want politicians they can trust and I know they will find this in him."
Conrad Bryan (Ealing Green Party)

From my mentor when I first joined:

"I joined the Party when it was the Ecology Party and can now probably claim to rank among its longest-standing members!
Noel reminds me that I was his first mentor when he joined the party in 1989. Since then he has worked without stopping for the Party.
He would make a hard-working and loyal Assembly member"

Nina R. Armstrong.
Founder member of Enfield Green Party


From Tower Hamlets:

'Noel has been a consistent ambassador for the Green Party and has been key in motivating and ensuring the growth of many local Green Parties.He is a font of knowledge, has a level head, and has great organisational skills. But most importantly he is great in dealing with new, young activists and the public - that's why he'd make a great Assembly member.'
John Foster. Tower Hamlets GP.

And finally from the one and only John Phillips, who has put huge time and effort into the Green Party. We shared many an early morning breakfast as he passed through London having spent all night delivering materials across the country:

"Noel Lynch ! Noel Lynch ! What can I say ? I have worked (and socialised) with him for many, many years ......... always a joy, and a real grafter. He has a deep sense of commitment and a real grasp of the essentials of Green politics and the ability to communicate them to others. A fearsome advocate in the debating chamber and just what we need in the London Assembly !! Sometimes I wish I lived in London ..........

John Phillips, Kirklees Green Party, ex GP Executive and GP Regional Council, Parliamentary and Council election candidate.

Sing-along-a-Noel ................. WE ARE GREEN, WE ARE GREEN, WE WANT OUR PLANET BRIGHT AND GREEN.........."need in the London Assembly !! ................. WE ARE GREEN, WE ARE GREEN, WE WANT OUR PLANET..........

Friday, 11 March 2011

Mark & Noel supporting the Columbia Green Party

‘I have known Noel for many years and he works hard, and with humour, for the Green Party for over 20 years.

He was a good, radical London Assembly Member and with our support can be again.

He has always been a effective networker for local Green parties and grassroot members all across London and helped build the Green Party over recent years.

He organised a full slate of Parliamentary Candidates at the 2010 General Election-the first time ever and a major achievement.Place him high on the ballot’

Mark Douglas. Hackney Green Party and member of the National Campaigns Committee.
More endorsements:
“Noel was the first person I worked closely with when I joined the Green Party and was co-ordinating the campaigns committee. He was a great introduction – always supportive and helpful. I am sure he would do his utmost for the people of London.”
Andrea Smith
SE Hants GP
Chair, SE Region Confederation of Green Parties.
Noel Lynch is an experienced Green Party campaigner. He would make an excellent London Assembly member.

Alan Francis, former chair GPEX.
"One thing you can be sure of is that Noel will be one of the hardest working assembly members ever. Dedication and commitment are his hallmarks, and he has more than proved that he can get the job done."

Jonathan Bartley
(Director, Yes to AV campaign)

Thursday, 10 March 2011

"Noel Lynch played a major role..........."

Noel Lynch played a major role in helping to establish the Patients Forum when he was an Assembly Member and initial meetings were held in his office.

In the Assembly he spoke out on health and care issues and always had a strong interest in public and patient involvement in the NHS.

With the attempt to privatise the NHS and to weaken public and patient involvement it is essential that we have a voice in the Assembly who will speak up for London’s health workers and patients.

Noel would be that loud and resonant voice and I hope that he will be selected at the head of the Green Party list to the Assembly.

Joseph Healy
Chair of London Ambulance Service Patients Forum.
Health and Social Care Activist.
Lambeth Green Party Press Officer.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Animal Rights.

Sue and Noel laying a wreath at the Animals in War monument on Memorial Day.

Those who follow this blog will know that I am a strong advocate for animal rights

I was an AM for thirteen months during 2003/2004. In that time I did
large amount of AR work including brokering a truce between the
Mayor's office and the Trafalgar Square Pigeons Group. This action
saved several thousand pigeons from starvation until the agreement was
broken some time later.

I also used the facilities of City Hall to organise a conference on Non-Animal Research with prominent international speakers.

I was the only Assembly Member who gave my support to the successful campaign against an attempt to set up a giant aquarium in East London.

Here is what a few people have to say:

“Noel Lynch was the best friend that animals ever had in City Hall.
Niel Henson, Founder Anti-Hunt Alliance”

“Noel lives and breathes the green cause. He has been a constant source of encouragement and always there at the end of the phone, offering encouragement and support especially to new members. He is one of the hardest working activists I know.”
(Julia Stephenson, GP National Spokesperson on Animal Rights)

“Almost makes me want to move to London, to vote for you” AR campaigner in Brighton.

“Animal Rights, Green Spaces, Local Pubs, Rough Sleepers, Minority & Ethnic Rights, Woman’s Rights, Grandparents – Noel has supported them all, Help give them a voice by voting for Noel Lynch in the Green Party London Assembly selection ballot”
Michael O’Shea, Barnet Green Party.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ex-MP supports Noel Lynch in the London Assembly selection

“I write as a Green Party member of almost 10 years standing and have attended Party meetings where I met Noel. He struck me as a dedicated and totally committed supporter of Green causes. The Party lost an able advocate when he ceased to be a member of the G.L.A.

I have been involved in public life since the 1960’s and have met and worked with many activists and am entitled to claim that the Noel Lynch’s of this world are sadly thin on the ground. We should redouble our efforts to ensure his election and ensure he has the power to effect the changes for which we are all committed”

Peter Jackson is a retired academic, he has also been a Derbyshire MP and member of Derbyshire County Council. He stood for the Green Party in 2010 Westminster Council election

Monday, 7 March 2011

THIS IS NOT OK - Campaign Against Arms Trade

The UK has sold tear gas, crowd control ammunition and fire arms to Bahrain and Libya in the last year. This is NOT OK. The government is cutting public services - but continues to spend taxpayers' money on promoting the arms trade.

It says its arms trading is "responsible" - yet it is supplying human rights abusers and conflict zones. I've just signed Campaign Against Arms Trade's petition to say This is NOT OK at http://www.caat.org.uk/not-ok

If you have a couple more minutes please raise this issue with your MP - it really does only take a minute at http://act.caat.org.uk/lobby/57
Please support CAAT in this petition and send it to anyone you think would be interested.

There are people who have high profiles.............

There are people who have high profiles as Greens amongst the general public - men like Jonathan Porrit - and then there is Noel Lynch who has made a difference to Green Politics and Green Practice through his constant work pioneering Green thinking and environmental practice through networking and supporting local networks and Green Parties across London; and Greens from across England & Wales; and through his international work supporting Green Scientists like Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Arpad Putztoi.

Noel's networking skills have meant that he has kept on introducing generation after generation of Green Activists to the London Green Party; whilst supporting the work of Green inventors like Trevor Bayliss; and the rights of pensioners; and making sure that the Green Party and elected Greens support the work of those raising awareness of the dangers of depleted uranium and dioxins.

Noel does all this hard work with a gentle sense of self depreciation and Gaelic humour. Noel remembers people. Noel is a real asset in the corridors of power because he has the charm that makes a conference work; and gels green community pride enabling people to work together. For London's sake I hope you vote Lynch.

Miranda Dunn. (Former London Campaigns Coordinator)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Noel makes being a politician a respectable occupation.

Noel has been a friend and colleague for some years

While in office I found him to be effective, available and always accommodating.
I was at the time involved with various local community groups .The clients were people who in the usual course of things were not always politically or otherwise included (youth, poor and refugees etc,)

On one memorable visit to City Hall that I organised with Noel for the local refugee center, people were rather in awe of going there!

However the visit was a great success and when over , many people commented that they hadn’t realise 'people like them ' could go to a place like that.

One woman commented that from her previous experience of officials she thought them all nasty. Noel, she said, made her feel like a normal human being .

The above comments sums up Noel, he is very patient. He listens and treats and treats with the same respect due to them as a person

Status or wealth is not an issue, Noel takes each person as they come!
Noel makes being a politician a respectable occupation.

Not many politicians can be accused of that!!
Cait (Southwark GP)

Friday, 4 March 2011

Derek Wall: Please support Noel Lynch

Noel Lynch is a committed, radical and experienced member of the Green Party, his record as a member of the GLA standing up for workers and the environment was impressive. From fighting pollution to promoting cycling to combating inequality and social injustice, he has done so much to further green politics. He has held numerous posts in the party and is a very active campaigner as well as being an active member and founder of the Green Party Trade Union Group.

Please support him as a Green Party candidate for the GLA, so that he can return to the Assembly and continue his good work there.
(Derek Wall, author and former GP Principal Speaker))

We face one of the most aggressive governments.........

We face one of the most aggressive governments determined to make society pay for the economic crisis and it is in this period that we need the radical roar of our party to be heard most clearly. I am honoured to recommend Noel Lynch to you- he is a man with

· The vision to articulate Green opposition to the most socially destructive cuts for Londoners since the 1930’s;
· the dedication to present the economic and political alternatives to ‘business as usual’;
· economic and political nous to effectively argue and campaign against Boris Johnson’s short change for Londoners. Whether it’s defense of London’s green ‘lungs’, kettled students or criticism of how adverse weather has again brought London to a standstill, Noel continues to be a man of the people;
· practical knowledge of holding public office (London Assembly 2003-04) and standing as Parliamentary candidates in elections in Brent and Finchley
· community campaigning roots and a proud trade unionist.

Please support Noel and help turn City Hall into a bastion of defense for London’s environment and London’s marginalized communities.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

More endorsements from activists

Noel is an outstanding Green Party member: ambassador, activist, PR person and someone who just gets things done. His unflagging commitment and enthusiasm make him a real force for change. His years of experience ‘at the coalface’ of Green Party work, including his time on the GLA, equip him uniquely to turn our ideals into action. We know Noel is electable; we know he can be an effective politician for London. If you want someone you can trust to get Green policies adopted, someone reliable, knowledgeable and with acres of experience, Noel Lynch is that person!
Carolyn Whitehead.
I am honoured to speak of Noel Lynch’s suitability to take a seat in the London assembly.

I have known Noel as a friend for some twenty years and since I joined the party some three years ago, in his capacity as a leading member of the East Finchley Group. Should he be successful in obtaining election to the Assembly it will be to the benefit of all. He is able, courteous and trustworthy, dedicated to perform that which he promises.
Henry Wimborne M.A. Cantab Llb Hons Lond. Dip. Ed Oxon.
(A keen leafleter, at 94 Henry is the Green Party’s most senior activist)
" Noel will be first on my list this year because he is a safe pair of hands and an inspiration, much needed, to get other Assembly Members elected. He inspires respect everywhere and this is often most seen through the media, where he rightly commands so much continuous attention that others do not receive. By putting Noel first we will bring the best out of the other Green AM’s sure to be elected." David Williams (GP Council & GE candidate and former Labour Councillor)
Noel has earned every vote through dedication, experience and good judgement. No one more deserving.
AM Poppy. London GRRC rep
I have known Noel Lynch for years. He is fair minded, open, politically astute, always willing to listen and a great organiser. It’s time he was back on the Assembly.
John Johnson, Kingston Green Party.
I will gladly vote for Noel Lynch as he is probably the most active and committed green activist in the party as well as being a very friendly and likable chap. David Cox. Toweer Hamlets Green Party.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vote Noel Lynch No1

We are living in times of great transition..........

By Dr. Haroon Saad
QeC-European Regeneration Areas Network

We are living in times of great transition and it is clear that we need people in positions of influence who have a grasp of both the global and local aspects of the challenges we face. Noel is someone who has a deep understanding of the key issues we are facing( e.g. climate change, financial crash and its implications, growing poverty and inequality, sustainable transport, growing alienation from our political institutions ).
Alongside this Noel also has the experience of direct involvement with groups and people on the ground and this means he has the capacity to connect policy to practice and in particular see the gap that exists between stated goals of policy and their real impact on people and communities.

Noel also has extensive experience of campaigning and being able to organise action and mobilise opinion. He has an extensive network and this is a resource that is beyond “price”.

We need people in the GLA who bring this mixture of activism, reflection and commitment to transparency.

Dr. Haroon Saad
GP member Waltham Forest and Redbridge

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Westminster council wants to make it an offence to sleep rough

Conservative Westminster council in Central London wants to make it an offence to sleep rough – while slashing £5million of funding to hostels. They also want to bring in a bylaw making it an offence to “give out food for free”, punishable by fines.

So much for The Big Society and 'caring tories'. When I was an Assembly Member I campaigned against their plans to hose-down rough sleepers.