Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Police helicopter used to support hunt.

Hunt saboteurs from the Northants and West Midlands groups visited the Oakley hunt on Saturday 28/12/2013. On their arrival the hunt were clearly hunting foxes and the sabs had to intervene to enable an animal to escape.
Shortly after this a police helicopter arrived, which it later transpired was called in from Leicestershire expressly for this incident. The helicopter repeatedly flew very low over the sabs heads and purposely placed itself between the sabs and the hunt to enable the hunt to get away. The helicopter continued to follow the sabs in this way for some time, always trying to stop them from following the hunt and then they decided to land.
Once on the ground the police from the helicopter tried to detain people, but when challenged had no answer as to why they were doing this.  The sabs continued to follow the hunt and eventually the police helicopter left about
45 minutes later.  Simultaneously 6 police cars were also surrounding the sab vehicle and members of the public were stopping to see what incident had led to such a high police presence.  Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated:  "It beggars belief that in times of austerity the Police are willing to waste so much public money protecting illegal hunting.  We can only assume that members of the Oakley Hunt have friends high up in Northamptonshire police and we wonder how local residents feel about their council tax being misused in this way."

Friday, 27 December 2013

Back blogging!

I am back blogging after being off for the last year.

It has been quite hectic year with all the organization needed for the Euro & Local elections in May 2014. Membership of the London Green Party is at its highest ever and we have been boosted by an upsurge in very able members of the Young Greens group. Also, I helped organise the founding of Green Seniors. The run up to Christmas has been particularly hectic as I like to get to as many local party meetings as possible. I had twenty three nights with events on every night.
I am still Co-Coordinator of the London Federation of Green Parties; Co-Chair of Green Seniors and Co-Convener of the Green Party trade Union Group.

I am also on Twitter and you can find me at

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