Monday, 25 December 2006


Welcome to the blog. It has been a hectic year for both the Green Party in London and myself. I have had a consecutive run of ten GP events which finished last Thursday. I enjoy interacting with local members, but the travelling, particularly in the fog, can be tiring.

An interesting fact that I picked up at the Hounslow Green Party event is that you cannot access Heathrow Airport on foot! You can arrive by tube, car, bus or even bike, but cannot just walk in.

We are now at Christmas Day, so I can relax a little. The Green Room is open for business for a few hours while I wait to go to my daughter's for Christmas dinner. The computer is in the shop so it is as easy to have the shop open as not. However, I don't expect any business.

Anyway, here is a little present for you, just in case you are feeling depressed:
Go there and find out how rich you really are. You will find that you are one of the richest in the world, so it could be worse:-) Even with my very limited income (Green activism does not pay very well, or at all, in my case) I came in the top 14%.

Update: someone has just come into the shop and spent £13. Just shows that you never know. An old antique dealer once told me 'You may sell nothing if you are opened but you will definitely sell nothing if you are closed'.
Peace, light and joy to everyone.

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studentmedic said...

Your first comment.

Have a great Christmas and well done on attracting a sale on Christmas day!

Good luck with the blog - I promise, it becomes addictive.