Sunday, 29 June 2008


Our candidate in the H&H by-election, Shan Oakes had this to say:

“David Davis appeared there too and he and I and the team had a little chat where we asked him why he’s a Tory and told him we want to open up the issues. He told us he would invite us to any events he holds and that he sees us as the only serious challenger to him. We said we certainly did intend to challenge him.”

See her blog at:


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THERE IS JUST ONE WEEK-END LEFT FOR CAMPAIGNING, SO COULD EVERYONE POSSIBLE PILE UP TO HULL? This might well be a sea change in British politics. Free accommodation available.


Question by Green Party Assembly Member, Jenny Jones at last week's Mayor's Question Time:

Transport crime
Question No: 1023 / 2008
Jenny Jones
How many crimes were recorded on the London Underground in 2004/05 and in 2007/08?

MAYOR: In 2004/05, the total number of recorded crimes on the London Underground and DLR was 18,399. In 2007/08 this had reduced to 16,445; However, there are significant concerns regarding anti social behaviour on the tube. I have already introduced the alcohol ban on the Underground as one measure to address this.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

*Mayor’s attitude to Women and Equalities.

From the Mayor’s Questiontime at the GLA, last week:

Women and equalities
Question: You have not yet appointed an advisor on women’s issues. Can you confirm when you will do this?

Mayor: I do not wish to trivialise women’s issues by confining them to one appointee- I expect these issues to be dealt with, and taken into account by, all senior members of my administration.

What a total cop-out!

Another question, this time from Green Assembly Member, Darren Johnson is even more illustrative:

Functional body appointments
Question No: 998 / 2008
Darren Johnson
Are you concerned that, following your appointment of Tim Parker to the Chair of Transport for London; Brian Coleman to the Chair of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority; Harvey McGrath as interim head of the London Development Agency; and eventually yourself to the Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority, no women or black and minority ethnic Londoners will be heading any arm of London Government?

MAYOR: I was elected to represent all Londoners, and that is what I intend to do.

From that answer you could conclude that the Boris idea of ‘all Londoners’ is confined to white males.

Thursday, 26 June 2008


From the Socialist Unity blog:

New evidence has now emerged that the violent attack on the anti-Bush demonstration by the police on the 15th June, was not only premeditated but was also orchestrated by the police themselves. Yasmin Whittaker-Khan writing in last Sunday's Mail on Sunday identified one 'protester' as a police 'agent provocateur'. This policeman - his name and rank - has now been discovered.
The background is this:
On Sunday 15th June the Stop the War Coalition together with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and the British Muslim Initiative
organised a peaceful protest against the visit of US President George Bush to London.
Over the last seven years Stop the War has organised numerous demonstrations all of which have all passed off peacefully. All these
events have been arranged with the co-operation of the Metropolitan police with whom the Coalition has had a good working relationship.
This time the police were clearly operating with a different agenda:
1] Whitehall was sealed off for unspecified reasons. The police had taken the 'political' decision not to allow a march to proceed along
2] More than 1200 police, many of whom were riot police, were deployed to control a peace demonstration of no more than 2500 people.
3] Without provocation the police drew their batons en masse and proceeded to attack the demonstrators. There are many independent
witnesses to this and the photographic evidence is strong. Several people were hospitalised and others arrested indiscriminately.
4] There is evidence that the police used 'agent provocateurs' to try [without success] and stir up the crowd. See the article by Yasmin
Whittaker-Khan in the Mail on Sunday 22nd June 2008.
A number of questions now need urgent attention:
a] Who took the decision to ban the march? Which government ministers were involved? What role did the United States security services play in
this decision?
b] Why were so many police deployed?
c] Who gave the order for batons to be drawn and used?
d] Why did the police use 'agent provocateurs' to try and create disorder?
Were the security services involved in this sinister development?
Andrew Murray, Chair of the Stop the War Coalition, said today, 'The premeditated attack on a peace demonstration by the police marks a
further deterioration in the civil liberties of all people in Britain. We demand a full public investigation into the events of June 15th.'

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

*Haltemprice and Howden By-election

After considerable internal debate the Green Party has nominated a candidate for the H&H by-election.

Shan Oakes is a great local campaigner and would make a great MP. See her blog at

This is a great opportunity for people to stand up against the old grey parties. I urge everyone to go up and help before July 10th or send a donation to:

Hull & East Riding Green Party,

3 Norwood


East Yorkshire

HU17 9ET, UK

Friday, 20 June 2008

*London must take action to prevent future food crises

Steep rises in oil prices will profoundly change the entire London food system, predicts Green Party London Assembly member Jenny Jones. Lifestyle changes will include ditching the drive to the out-of-town supermarket, buying less perishable air freighted imported food and more local, seasonal produce with reduced meat and dairy, planned shopping lists, and reusing of leftover food.

Oil is vital for the production and consumption of conventional food. It is used in fertilizers, growing, transportation, car journeys to supermarkets, indirectly in cooking, and in disposing of food waste. The price of oil is at an historic high of $135 dollars a barrel. With no sign of sustainable reversal, this is thirteen times more than it was in 1999. It is estimated that food inflation has added £750 to the annual family food bill, since last year. Londoners throw away over half million tonnes of wasted food (approx 0.665 million tonnes) a year. This is around a fifth of all the waste put into bins.

Jenny warns:
" London's food system is unsustainable. The London Mayor and Government have to recognize that that food abundance enjoyed in the west, and the cheap food era is over. They need to plan now to grow far more sustainable food in London, both in the green belt and in open spaces within the urban area. This will help make London's food supply less dependent on oil. It is necessary to ensure that Londoners can continue to buy sufficient food at reasonable prices, without facing crises of food shortages and high food inflation."

" We Londoners can't afford to throw away a third of all our food and neither can the planet. We import too much, waste too much and eat too much of the carbon intensive foods such as meat and dairy which contribute significantly to climate change. We could easily reduce this waste by planning shopping lists, cooking correct portion sizes and re-using food leftovers for casseroles, soups and curries. "

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

*Rally to support Charity Call Centre workers

Pat Carmody is a union rep at the Old St office of call centre firm Pell
& Bales. P&B workers make fundraising calls on behalf of major
charities like Oxfam and UNICEF - but the company doesn't always treat
staff ethically. Pat has been suspended for putting his name to a
factual four sentence article in the Socialist Worker - see the article

Many members believe that Pat is being targeted for his role in building
an active union that has won pay rises, and saved jobs. As one member
says, this is "a threat not only to Pat and our jobs but a blow by
management against freedom of speech." An open members' meeting agreed
to hold a rally to support Pat before he goes into his first
disciplinary hearing on Friday!

* Rally this Friday (20 June), 11.30am - 12.30pm.
* 211 Old St - the tall office block on the North West corner of
Old St roundabout, right outside the tube!

The article - "Standing up for call centre staff" - 7 June 2008

A well-attended meeting of CWU union members at Pell and Bales, a call
centre in Old Street, central London, launched a campaign to defend a
fellow worker last week. The caller was suspended pending a
disciplinary hearing following a complaint made about him during
training. For asking some pertinent questions, he was accused of
"playing to the crowd" and "scowling at the carpet". Many colleagues
have signed a petition calling for the charges to be dropped.

Pat Carmody, CWU member

Monday, 16 June 2008


During the election, you will have heard Boris and the Evening Standard mouthing off about the waste in City Hall. Well, Boris is now seeking to outdo everybody in wasteful, ideological stunts. One of his recent decisions is to change the GLA logo to blue and take out the bit of red.

Here is the statement:

“In order to differentiate the work of the new administration, the GLA’s marketing team has adapted the Mayor of London and GLA logos to a single colour format. The new logos will be slowly rolled out over the next couple of months, and the marketing team will start the process of reviewing and refreshing GLA marketing materials.”

You can guess how much this unnecessary change will cost.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

*Mayor gives away powers.

It has been revealed today that Boris Johnson has ceded all his planning powers to an unelected advisor – Ian Clement. He had previously denied this. So much for transparent government and accountability.

Ian Clement is the man who abolished Meals on Wheels in Bexley. He told pensioners that they would no longer receive their meals on wheels service but should instead order frozen food from 'approved suppliers' on the internet. This would "provide users with greater choice and offer an enhanced service."

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

*Action needed to save London's bees

Responding to research from the London Beekeepers' Association showing
that the capital has lost half of its bee population in the last two
years, Darren Johnson, a Green Party Member of the London Assembly,
will be calling on the new Mayor to produce research into the impacts
of bee colony collapse on London's gardens and bio-diversity. He wants
Mayor Johnson to help make the case for more Government research.

Darren questioned the previous Mayor on this issue last year and
pushed for stronger action to safeguard London's bee population,
following reports of an international decline in bee numbers.

He commented:
"These figures paint a worrying picture. Whilst this is a global
problem, London's bee population has been particularly badly affected
and urgent research is needed to try and reverse this trend. Bees
play a vital role in pollinating gardens across the capital and
further losses are likely to have a wider effect on biodiversity.
Although we often take bees for granted, without them Londoners will
not be able to fully enjoy the flowers and wildlife of the capital.
It is therefore important that we do not simply stand by and see our
bee population wiped out"

Monday, 9 June 2008

*Greetings from the emerald oil

From The New Scientist:

'This is one biofuel that lives up to its green billing in more ways
than one (the New Scientist reported last week). It is an emerald
green crude oil, produced by photosynthesis in algae, which could fuel
cars, trucks and aircraft - without consuming crops that can be used
as food.

' "This product can go right through today's oil pipeline," claims
Jason Pyle of Sapphire Energy in San Diego, California, which
developed the fuel. He says the "green crude" is similar in quality to
naturally occurring crude oil. It is produced as a by-product of
photosynthesis by a genetically engineered strain of algae, housed in
tanks of treated waste-water and exposed to sunlight. The tanks can be
placed on non-arable land.

'Gasoline, diesel and jet fuel have already been refined from the
green crude and the company aims to produce 10,000 barrels per day
within five years.'

Sunday, 8 June 2008



Just in this morning (we open every day) is a large collection of about 60 pianolla rolls. These were produced in the 1920s and include foxtrot, waltz and operatic music. We have put a price of £3 each on them (or less for the lot). This is a bargain if you know anyone with a pianolla.

Also in this morning are two old carbide bike lamps, a Victorian candle trimmer, some nice costume jewellery, books, records and a 1926 General Strike newspaper.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Here are just a few of our recent arrivals:

Maggie Thatcher farting doll.

WW11 Bike lamp.

Dinosaur dung.

A batch of lovely hand made necklaces and ear-rings from Peru.

A cased ‘willie measurer’ toilet roll.

A Victorian wig de-louser.

A set of Beatles plastic figures.

Lovely Victorian Christmas Card.

An early privately produced anti-vivisection stamp.

Spoken word Russian record of Lenin’s speeches.

1928 78 rpm record of Ramsay McDonald speech to the Labour Part Conference.

A 1958 flexi-disk of Macmillan speech to the Conservative party.

A piece of chain mail.

Hundreds of other records – Pop, Classical, Irish, Rap, Jazz, sound effect etc.

Signed Tony Hadley Spandau Ballet LP.

Spike Milligan signed photo.

John Cleese signed photo.

Set Casanova tarot cards.

Concord luggage label.

Brass-top walking cane with secret drinking compartment.

BOOKS by the thousand including an interesting biography of Houdini and other magic books. A collection of steam engine books. A collection of photography books and a collection of graphic design books.

Special offer on paperbacks – 40 for £10!!

We are normally open seven days per week including Sundays and Bank Holidays. 10am – 6pm (or 8pm if there I do not have a Green Party meeting to attend)

Donations of goods always accepted.

Drop in and see me.


From: New York Times, May 31, 2008


By Charles M. Blow, N.Y. Times columnist

We are now firmly ensconced in the Age of Extreme Weather.

According to the Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters,
there have been more than four times as many weather-related disasters
in the last 30 years than in the previous 75 years. The United States
has experienced more of those disasters than any other country.

Just this month, a swarm of tornadoes shredded the central states.
California and Florida have been scorched by wildfires, and a
crippling drought in the Southeast has forced Georgia to authorize
plans for new reservoirs.

Who do we have to thank for all this? Probably ourselves.

Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued
reports concluding that "human influences" (read greenhouse-gas
emissions) have "more likely than not" contributed to this increase.
The United States is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse-gas

Furthermore, a White House report about the effect of global climate
change on the United States issued Thursday (years late and under
court order) reaffirmed that the situation will probably get worse: In
addition to temperature extremes, "precipitation is likely to be less
frequent but more intense. It is also likely that future hurricanes
will become more intense, with higher peak speeds and more heavy
precipitation... ."

This increase is deadly and disruptive -- and could become
economically unbearable.

According to the National Hurricane Center, 10 of the 30 costliest
American hurricanes have struck since 2000, even after adjusting the
figures for inflation and the cost of construction.

In 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina, the estimated damage from
storms in the United States was $121 billion. That is $39 billion more
than the 2005 supplemental spending bill to fight the wars in
Afghanistan and Iraq.

About $3 billion has been allocated to assist farmers who suffer
losses because of droughts, floods and tornadoes among other things.

And, a recent report in The Denver Post said the Forest Service plans
to spend 45 percent, or $1.9 billion, of its budget this year fighting
forest fires.

This surge in disasters and attendant costs is yet another reason we
need to declare a coordinated war on climate change akin to the wars
on drugs and terror. It's a matter of national security.

By the way, hurricane season begins Sunday [June 1].