Saturday, 7 June 2008


Here are just a few of our recent arrivals:

Maggie Thatcher farting doll.

WW11 Bike lamp.

Dinosaur dung.

A batch of lovely hand made necklaces and ear-rings from Peru.

A cased ‘willie measurer’ toilet roll.

A Victorian wig de-louser.

A set of Beatles plastic figures.

Lovely Victorian Christmas Card.

An early privately produced anti-vivisection stamp.

Spoken word Russian record of Lenin’s speeches.

1928 78 rpm record of Ramsay McDonald speech to the Labour Part Conference.

A 1958 flexi-disk of Macmillan speech to the Conservative party.

A piece of chain mail.

Hundreds of other records – Pop, Classical, Irish, Rap, Jazz, sound effect etc.

Signed Tony Hadley Spandau Ballet LP.

Spike Milligan signed photo.

John Cleese signed photo.

Set Casanova tarot cards.

Concord luggage label.

Brass-top walking cane with secret drinking compartment.

BOOKS by the thousand including an interesting biography of Houdini and other magic books. A collection of steam engine books. A collection of photography books and a collection of graphic design books.

Special offer on paperbacks – 40 for £10!!

We are normally open seven days per week including Sundays and Bank Holidays. 10am – 6pm (or 8pm if there I do not have a Green Party meeting to attend)

Donations of goods always accepted.

Drop in and see me.

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