Tuesday, 17 June 2008

*Rally to support Charity Call Centre workers

Pat Carmody is a union rep at the Old St office of call centre firm Pell
& Bales. P&B workers make fundraising calls on behalf of major
charities like Oxfam and UNICEF - but the company doesn't always treat
staff ethically. Pat has been suspended for putting his name to a
factual four sentence article in the Socialist Worker - see the article

Many members believe that Pat is being targeted for his role in building
an active union that has won pay rises, and saved jobs. As one member
says, this is "a threat not only to Pat and our jobs but a blow by
management against freedom of speech." An open members' meeting agreed
to hold a rally to support Pat before he goes into his first
disciplinary hearing on Friday!

* Rally this Friday (20 June), 11.30am - 12.30pm.
* 211 Old St - the tall office block on the North West corner of
Old St roundabout, right outside the tube!

The article - "Standing up for call centre staff" - 7 June 2008

A well-attended meeting of CWU union members at Pell and Bales, a call
centre in Old Street, central London, launched a campaign to defend a
fellow worker last week. The caller was suspended pending a
disciplinary hearing following a complaint made about him during
training. For asking some pertinent questions, he was accused of
"playing to the crowd" and "scowling at the carpet". Many colleagues
have signed a petition calling for the charges to be dropped.

Pat Carmody, CWU member

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