Thursday, 28 June 2007

*Solar powered waste compactor

Europe's first solar powered waste compacting litter bin is now available from 3r Environmental Technology Limited. The unique 'litter bin' is operated totally by solar power and requires no external power source - even in the cloudy UK climate! It is perfect for local authorities and public areas where high volumes of waste are generated such as leisure and tourist venues, schools, universities, hospitals, parks and even town and city streets. 3r Managing Director, Doug Lord, explains: "This product is the first of its kind to be introduced to the UK and European market. It has been developed in the USA in light of the ever-increasing need to reduce CO2 emissions and improve environmental performance. It compacts waste, which significantly cuts the number of collections required, delivering the added benefit of reduced transport costs as well as reducing the harmful CO2 emissions associated with vehicle movements. And it is totally cordless and does all of this without using any power source other than natural sunlight, which also cuts operational costs and saves energy."

The bin has a drop-flap front that the user pulls open to deposit their rubbish. It is then compacted later when the machine senses that the chamber is full. It has a three-colour front display panel, which indicates the status of the unit, informing the operator of when it requires emptying. It also offers the added benefit of increased public safety by reducing the number of litter collections required during opening hours in areas such as parks, leisure and tourist venues.

For more information about 3r Environmental Technology visit or call: 01948 860797.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

*GREENS KEEP THEIR WORD on global warming:-)

Irish Times, Sat, 23 June 2007.

Letters to the editor:

Madam - Until the Greens arrived in government, we suffered dreadfully from weeks of blazing sun, with barely a drop of rain. But they promised to act on global warming, and they have kept their word. However, I wonder if they can ease up on the good work for a while, to give me time to build an ark? -
Yours, etc,
Michael O'Malley, Lucan, Co Dublin.

*Green Mayor's car for auction.

Message from the Mayor of Galway:

This is an extremely good car. It will also be delivered by the mayoral chauffeur.
All monies above cost will go to charity.
It is probably the most eco-friendly car in the world.
Best Regards,
Niall O Brolchain
Outgoing Mayor of Galway City
Phone 091-596680 Email

Here is the Ebay listing:

This auction is for the Galway Mayoral Car 2006/2007. Having reached the end of his highly successful term as Mayor of Galway City , Cllr Niall O'Brolchain of the Green Party is auctioning his car for charity .....All proceeds will be divided between the 15 Galway charities chosen by The Mayor for The Mayoral Ball 2007. The Mayor's 'Green' car became famous throughout his mayoralty and its auction has been highly publicised both locally and nationally.
Tom Hogan Motors are kindly donating the car at cost .It has been used for one year for attending functions only and was driven by professional drivers throughout.

Saturday, 23 June 2007


Amusing video from Seize The Day

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

*How much power does it use? A useful website
The website compares energy use for lots of the obvious appliances, fridges, washing machines, etc, among different brands and models. And some of the differences are enormous.

Thanks to Natalie at for this.

Monday, 18 June 2007


Ministers are expected to abandon plans to license a widespread cull of badgers after a decade-long study by independent scientists concluded that a cull would only increase the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Culling would have no noticeable effect on TB in cattle, report said.

The final report of the Independent Scientific Group, described by its chairman, Prof Sir John Bourne, as the "comprehensive picture" of TB in cattle and badgers, rules out badger culling on any scale as a way of controlling the outbreaks.

The scientists' report says that while badgers are "clearly a source" of TB in cattle, badger culling can make "no meaningful contribution" to the control of the disease in Britain.

There were 1551 outbreaks of the disease in Britain last year - affecting about 5 per cent of all herds - and 7000 herds were under movement restrictions.

The report says culling around outbreaks of the disease in cattle would be "likely to make matters worse rather than better."

The overall benefits of pro-active culling were modest, with an estimated reduction of 14 outbreaks in an area of 1000 square kilometres.

The second key finding of the report, which has been submitted to
Mr Miliband,is that weaknesses in the present regime of cattle testing means that cattle themselves contribute significantly to the spread of the disease - because the full number of cattle with TB is not picked up.

In some parts of Britain, it says, cattle movements are likely to be the main source of infection.

Ministers are expected simply to welcome the report and say they will consider a response in due course but a well-placed source close to the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the "definitively anti-culling" conclusions of the report meant a cull was off.

The scientists' report does considers the case of Ireland where badger culling has been going on for 20 years. It says the incidence of TB in cattle in Ireland, despite badger culling, is twice what it is in Britain.

Ireland, which stopped pre-movement testing of cattle in 1996, found that the number of cattle with the disease rose from 27,000 in 1996 to 45,000 in 1999, despite badger culling going on throughout that period.

See full article:

As a farmer's son,this report does not surprise me. Any farmer could have told the Government that badger culling was only a distraction. Ireland has been trying to get rid of TB in cattle for around 50 years

Friday, 15 June 2007

*Animal Rescue

The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough
people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting
free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.

It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on
"feed an animal in need" for free. It's in a purple box in
the middle of the page. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their
corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily
visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in
exchange for advertising. Here's the web site!

Please pass it along to people you know!

Thursday, 14 June 2007



New coalition government adopts all-island GM-free policy
Farming groups agree to explore phasing out GM animal feed

DUBLIN, 14 June 2007 – Following last night’s Green Party historic agreement to form a coalition government with Fianna Fáil, the two parties revealed their agreed policy “to negotiate for the whole island of Ireland to become a GMO-free zone.”

The announcement was received with jubilation by farmers and food producers on both sides of the border who have spent the last nine years campaigning to achieve this goal.

Following the announcement last night, Green Party leader Trevor Sargent, TD, confirmed his pre-election pledge to resign his leadership position if his party entered into government with Fianna Fáil, adding that he would now work very hard within the new Government “to get Green Party policies implemented whatever way I can”.

“The establishment of Ireland as a GMO-free zone is a project that I will throw myself into in a very enthusiastic fashion, because we don’t have much time to rescue that status for this country, and it’s one that is so vital to us as a food-producing island which is operating in markets that are overwhelmingly looking for GM-free food, and if we lose that status, that’s it, we cannot go back.”

The Green Party is an all-island party, working on both sides of the border.
The Green Party will get two Cabinet Minister positions in the new Government.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

*Plastic not Fantastic - Blight of Plastic Bags

The Mayor of London is being urged to follow the example of the town of Modbury by working with retailers to make London a plastic bag-free city.

Darren Johnson, a Green Party Member of the London Assembly said:
"In the absence of Government legislation and action, Ken Livingstone should follow the example of Modbury in Devon, the first town in England to remove non-degradable plastic bags, and bring pressure on London retailers to phase out totally non-biodegradable bags and come up with alternatives such as cloth, paper or biodegradable bags"
Darren added, "When you consider that a non-biodegradable bag can take up to a 1000 years to decay into a toxic sludge and can end up as rubbish floating in the sea, the Government has shown incredible
environmental complacency. It must urgently rethink its position and
introduce similar legislation to the Irish Governments 'plastax',
which resulted in a 90% decrease in their plastic bag consumption".

1) Mayor's Question Time - 23rd May 2007
- Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London's answer to Darren Johnson's question on a 'Plastic Bag Free City'
MQT: Question No: 897 / 2007
Question by Darren Johnson, Green Party Member of the London Assembly:
Should the Mayor be following the example of the small town of Modbury in working with retailers to make London a plastic bag-free city?
Answer from the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone:
Whilst making London a plastic bag-free city is a laudable goal, it
needs to be recognised that it is a significantly larger scale than
Modbury with its 43 shopkeepers.

This year my waste officers will be producing a waste reduction and
reuse plan to set out measures for reducing London's waste and
increasing reuse. This will include identifying methods for reducing
the use of plastic bags by retailers in London.

In addition, there are several proposals in my draft Business Waste
Strategy that will address the reduction of plastic bags, such as:
* the production of a retail sector action plan,
* a conference of producers and grocery retailers to discuss the
production and retail of materials that cannot be recycled or
composted in London, and
* negotiating with the Government to establish statutory measures
to implement producer responsibility legislation rather than
persisting with voluntary agreements.

Monday, 11 June 2007



GREEN MEP and ‘politician of the year’ Caroline Lucas has hit out at the main sponsor of a leading climate change conference – Shell –for undermining efforts to tackle the problem, during a speech at the event today.

Dr Lucas said she applauded Shell’s decision to be lead sponsor of the Guardian Climate Change Summit for key policymakers and businesses, but condemned the company’s record of investing around just 1% of its research budget in renewable energy compared to some 70% looking for yet more oil and gas.

And the South-East England Euro-MP, who was named ‘Politician of the Year’in a central London ethical awards ceremony last week, criticised BAA’s association with the event while the firm is seeking to expand massively its airports at Stansted, Heathrow and elsewhere.

“Tackling climate change means changing the way we do business and measure economic success, and until businesses like Shell and BAA recognise this they will remain part of the problem rather than the solution,” said Dr Lucas.

“I smell the whiff of greenwash about their involvement with this event. We know that these firms are masters of marketing and spin after all: just last month, for example, BAA joined the ‘Flying Matters’ coalition, which seeks to resist further action to curb aviation’s growing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Dr Lucas made her comments as she addressed The Guardian Climate Change Summit, alongside Government advisors Jonathan Porritt and Sir David King and business leaders from a range of firms including BSkyB, Boots and Marks and Spencer as well as Shell and BAA.

The MEP, who sits on the European Parliament’s Environment and Climate change committees, said we knew what to do to tackle climate change – and the reason we weren’t doing it was that Government had failed to exercise sufficient political leadership to set binding emissions targets and make both the financial and regulatory commitments to meeting them.

She said: “We have to stop treating climate change as an environmental issue alone, and start treating it as an international emergency.

“Only then will Governments take the necessary action required to keep atmospheric CO2 levels at or below 400 ppm – necessary if we are to keepglobal average temperature rises below 2 degrees C.”

A full copy of Caroline's speech to the summit can be downloaded from

Saturday, 9 June 2007

*A different type of auction.

I will be conducting the auction. It is a lovely event, with a relaxed outdoor organic feast in a nice park. Please come along.

1.30pm Sunday 10th June 2007
An open air 3 course lunch and auction in front of Brockwell Hall to raise money for events in the Park.

* Slow Food with Local People. Spend a few hours eating outside in
Brockwell Park with old and new friends.
* Just about all the Feast food is grown organically in Brockwell Park or local allotments.
* Selection of home made fresh ginger and lemonade, farmhouse
apple juices, ciders and perry or BYO.
* Food, poetry, auction of goods and promises, kids activities
* Tickets for the 3 course meal priced according to income.

Up to £5k p.a = £6. 12k p.a. = £8. £12k - £25k p.a. = £14.
£25k p.a. and up = £20 plus donation.
'Brockwell Park MAC', c/o Feast, 73 Brailsford Road, SW2 2TB.

* Kids under 10 free. 10 - 18 half parents price.

Further info: shane@gn.apc.orgor

Organised for the Park and the people by the Brockwell Park
fundraising committee.

*Green Blood.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Doctors in Vancouver were stunned when the man they were operating on turned out to
have dark green blood.

No, the man was not following in the steps of "Star Trek's" fictional Mr. Spock -- a Vulcan with green blood, BBC News reported. The 42-year-old patient's unusually coloured blood was caused by a migraine medication called sumatriptan, BBC News reported Friday.

The medication caused a rare condition where sulphur is
incorporated into the oxygen-carrying red blood cells,
which turns the blood green, said Dr. Alana Flexman of
St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. The man's blood returned
to normal after the amount of the medication was reduced.

Mr. Spock, of the starship Enterprise, had green blood
because the oxidizing agent in Vulcan blood is copper, not
iron, as it is in humans.
(From Bizarre News)

On the other hand, a friend once advised me to take Vitamin B-Complex '50'. It caused me a bit of a shock when my urine turned green. Now, I am well known as a 'greenie' but that was going too far:-)

Friday, 8 June 2007

*A right stink!

The driver of a sewage tanker lost control & collided with a block of flats in Upper Richmond Road yesterday.

No serious injury was caused to the driver or any residents.
However, the area was evacuated and the A205 was closed causing rush hour congestion

Thursday, 7 June 2007

*Project Freesheet

is campaigning to raise awareness about the environmental impact of freesheet paper production.

They need volunteers to help with an event organised to coincide with London Sustainability Weeks. They need enthusiastic people to spend the day on the tube, wearing one of the Project Freesheet t-shirts, going around in groups of 10 or so collecting discarded freesheet papers which will be gathered together for a photo call at the end of the day. They will be taking a planned route (to be confirmed nearer the time) around the tube network and meeting up every few hours to show the bounty off.

Bags will be provided to collect the papers. They will also be getting you to ask people to text the freesheet publishers with our environmental message. And they will be asking volunteers to take as many photos as possible which can be uploaded to the main site as part of the campaign.

Where: Liverpool St tube station (Bishopsgate side, street level)

When: Wednesday, 13th June, 10am.

What to bring: Yourself, your camera and your friends (bags and T-shirts will be provided).

Call Justin on: (0)7778 878151 or email:

*Lib Dems leaflet rift set to deepen

Senior Lib Dems in Norwich appeared to be on a collision course last night over a decision to apologise to the Greens over 'misleading' election leaflets.

Party leader Hereward Cooke made a fulsome apology to the Greens councillors during meeting on Tuesday as he sought their support for his nomination to become chairman of the council's new audit committee.

Mr Cooke said the leaflets, circulated by his party in the Nelson and Mancroft wards shortly before the May 3 poll, were an embarrassment and he had no idea what had been written.

The leaflets suggested a Labour/Green pact was running City Hall and senior managers were all Labour appointments, while the Lib Dems had not been responsible for the financial mess which saw the councils' budget slip nearly £2m into the red.

"I do apologise for that piece of literature which appeared during the election campaign," Mr Cooke said. "It should not have been put out in our name."

Mr Cooke said he was ashamed at what had happened and he promised there would be greater co-ordination over what is put out.

"We don't have the controls in place to vet in advance what is written. As a result of my making an apology I was elected as chairman of the audit committee.

"I am on the political wing of the Liberal Democrats, not the campaign wing. In the future the two will work much more closely together so that these sorts of things will not be repeated," he added.

But the sorry appears to be the hardest word for fellow frontbencher Judith Lubbock, the party's election agent who wrote the leaflets, who felt her leader had been cynically put on the spot by the Greens.

"It was blackmail and they are being very manipulative," she said. "The buck stops with me, and I don't apologise. We can back up what's been put in the literature."

Mrs Lubbock said Mr Cooke gave no warning in the group's pre-meeting that he was going to apologise.

"If he had, I would have said 'hang on a minute what are you apologising for'," she added.

"I do not want to undermine his position," she said. "Hereward, bless him, just thinks you can draw a line under these things. I was responsible for those leaflets and I certainly stand by them. We certainly won't be having any review of our literature."

The public discord is sure to raise questions about unity within the Lib Dems and the credibility of Mr Cooke's attempt to draw a line under the issue.

Previously the Lib Dems were squeezed out of the chairmanship of the scrutiny committee by a combination of Labour and Green votes because of simmering anger about the leaflets.

But the Greens, who supported Mr Cooke for the audit job after seeking assurances that he was trustworthy, accepted the apology.

Adrian Ramsay, Green group convener, said: "It is a bad thing for democracy when a party totally misleads voters.

"Hereward Cooke has now put the record straight and apologised and I am grateful for that. I hope the LibDems will learn from this," he said.

The Lib Dems are specialists in issuing misleading literature, so isn't it nice to see them brought to book for once!


How Monsanto tried to discredit the biologist Rachel Carson and her groundbreaking book.

Make no mistake, this type of thing is still happening.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007


Researchers have told a UN conference that a large-scale shift to organic agriculture could help fight world hunger while improving the environment.

The researchers presented their study at an International Conference on Organic Agriculture and Food Security in Rome (3-5 May 2007).

Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Here is a list of some of the fresh stock which has arrived for sale:

Ancient Roman Coin of Constans 337-353AD.

Brick to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul 11 to Britain.

A mugger alarm.

HBM Diplomatic Bag. I have never seen one of these for sale.

President Bush badge – Hail to the Thief.

Set of 19th century Japanese playing dice.

Victorian painting of a stag.

Model motorcycle.

Small collection a bakelite items.

Amputation saw.

Some original an amusing doctors prescriptions from the first month of Prohibition. These prescriptions, from Chicago, are made out for the Latin name of whiskey.

A lovely Victorian handkerchief depicting a Santa.

A handkerchief for the coronation of Edward V111.

A collection of old newspapers – mostly Royal.

A brass Baritone Horn.

A lovely silver plated Victorian Teapot.

Also, lots and lots of BOOKS.


Zheng Xiaoyu, a former pharmaceutical executive, and disgraced head of the F&D agency was accused of taking 6.5 million yuan in bribes to expedite the approval of new drugs.

Now that’s what I call tough regulation. In this country he would probably have received a knighthood.

This follows several food & drug scandals at home and abroad. The Government feared a breakdown in consumer confidence in Chinese goods across the world.


London Assembly Members can put formal questions to the Mayor.

Here are two asked, last week, by Green Party Assembly Member, Darren Johnson. Reading the answers, Ken seems to have intentionally or unintentionally missed the point. It would be laughable, if it was not so serious.

Question No: 885 / 2007
Darren Johnson
What actions are you and your biodiversity team taking to help safeguard London's bees following the recently reported threats to the bee population?

Response from the Mayor
I have publicised Buglife's Big Bumblebee Hunt on Wildweb.

I will continue to seek the inclusion of suitable habitat for London's two rare bumblebees in the landscaping of new developments and the construction of green roofs. Also my biodiversity team are seeking to ensure that the Olympic Park contains habitat for the rare bees.


Question No: 886 / 2007
Darren Johnson
What actions will you and your biodiversity team be taking in respect of the recommendations in the 'State of British Butterflies 2007' report?

Response from the Mayor
I will continue to promote the protection and enhancement of important habitats, and ensure that the requirements of butterflies are considered in the landscaping of strategic developments, including the Olympic Park.

My biodiversity team will assist the London Biodiversity Partnership in assessing whether additional butterfly species, as proposed in the report, should be added to the list of London priority species, and what actions are required for their conservation.

They will also investigate with Butterfly Conservation whether the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme collects sufficient data in London to enable the compilation of a meaningful state of the environment indicator for London.

*86.5% want Governments to take action on Climate Change.

International Poll Shows That People Want Governments To Take Strong Action on Climate Change
Poll to be launched today by Jon Dee at The House of Lords

London, June 5th, 2007 – 86.5 percent of people polled in 14 countries believe that Governments should do more to combat climate change. Eight out of 10 people think that incandescent light globes should be phased out globally, and 85.5 percent are worried about the impact that climate change will have on the world’s children.

These are just some of the key conclusions from the first annual World Environment Review poll conducted with 14,000 people in 14 countries, and powered by global market intelligence solutions provider GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) The findings are being released ahead of tomorrow’s G8 summit in Germany where climate change is expected to be top of the agenda.

To underline the international nature of climate change, three out of four people questioned across the 14 countries feel that the seasons are not arriving at the same time of year any more.

79.5 percent of people felt that Governments should make it easier for them to buy renewable electricity, and a further 90 percent felt that all electricity should contain a minimum 25 percent of power generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

62 percent of Chinese and 63 percent of Indians said it would be appropriate for developed countries to demand restrictions on carbon emissions from China, India and other emerging economies.

Germans and Britons both thought that the biggest threat to the world’s climate was the U.S. Government policy on climate change. 27 percent of Germans and 25.5 percent of Britons felt this way.

Many other countries identified the destruction of rain forests and old growth forests as the biggest issue – India, The Netherlands and Brazil expressed the biggest concerns with 40 percent, 34 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Initiated by Australian environmentalist Jon Dee, this is the first international public opinion survey on climate change since the release of the latest IPCC report *. Mr Dee and Lord Jay are launching the poll today at The House of Lords in London.

Other key research findings include:

· 79.5 percent of people polled think Governments should enforce minimum energy efficiency standards on major white goods appliances.

· 50 percent want Governments to put an environment tax on 4WD cars.

· 81 percent want Governments to raise fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, and 88 percent think Governments should do more to increase the sales of hybrid cars.

· 85 percent want Governments to do more to increase the use of public transport.

· People felt that Governments should make it easier for them to buy the following: renewable electricity (79.5 percent), energy-efficient products (74 percent), solar panels (72 percent), hybrid cars (75 percent) and carbon offsets (42.5 percent).

Half of those polled (50.5 percent) thought Governments should impose a carbon tax on all domestic and international flights.
Only 52 percent of people switched off appliances at the plug before going to bed, and only 37.5 percent had saved energy by washing clothes in cold water.

Only 22 percent believe that Governments should do more to increase the use of nuclear energy. This was the lowest score of alternative energy sources, with geothermal, hydro, tidal, wind and solar power all scoring higher. Concerns about climate change and energy security are not leading people to embrace nuclear power – their major alternative energy preference lay with solar and wind (86 percent and 80.5 percent respectively).

Of the 14 countries polled, Italians were the most concerned about climate change (96 percent). The Americans and the Dutch were the least concerned with 74 percent and 67.5 percent respectively.


Uranium prices jumped $5 per lb. at auction during the week, rising to $138lb. Prices in the June 12th auction are expected to increase even more. In January the price was $74, so we have had an 86% price increase in five months! Some experts estimate that it will break the $200 barrier in the near future.

One commentator remarked that it was ‘sweaty palm time’ for procurement officers who have the job of securing supplies to keep their plants running.

All of this just goes to show a huge hole in the argument for nuclear power – the supplies are just not there!

Saturday, 2 June 2007

*Environmental song.

New environmental song from Barnet singer/songwriter

"We all have one address and that address is planet earth"

Friday, 1 June 2007



I will be conducting the above auction on Sunday next.

It is a great auction with huge diversity. There are 800 lots ranging from lawnmowers to antiques including the clearance of a sports shop. Among the items are golf clubs, antique furniture, a small dinosaur egg, and a coin of Pontius Pilot etc.

The auctionrooms are at 104 Branbridge Road, East Peckham, Kent TN12 5HH

You can view the catalogue here:

I love conducting this sale. The auctionrooms are well run and very honest.


In Croatia, a new technique is being developed using honey bees to find unexploded landmines.

"We started this because our citizens are exposed to serious risks with mines", explains Professor Nikola Kezic of Zagreb University.

"Luckily, we have a long tradition of keeping bees and making honey. Our solution makes use of what we have."

For more see: