Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Here is a list of some of the fresh stock which has arrived for sale:

Ancient Roman Coin of Constans 337-353AD.

Brick to commemorate the visit of Pope John Paul 11 to Britain.

A mugger alarm.

HBM Diplomatic Bag. I have never seen one of these for sale.

President Bush badge – Hail to the Thief.

Set of 19th century Japanese playing dice.

Victorian painting of a stag.

Model motorcycle.

Small collection a bakelite items.

Amputation saw.

Some original an amusing doctors prescriptions from the first month of Prohibition. These prescriptions, from Chicago, are made out for the Latin name of whiskey.

A lovely Victorian handkerchief depicting a Santa.

A handkerchief for the coronation of Edward V111.

A collection of old newspapers – mostly Royal.

A brass Baritone Horn.

A lovely silver plated Victorian Teapot.

Also, lots and lots of BOOKS.

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