Tuesday, 5 June 2007

*86.5% want Governments to take action on Climate Change.

International Poll Shows That People Want Governments To Take Strong Action on Climate Change
Poll to be launched today by Jon Dee at The House of Lords

London, June 5th, 2007 – 86.5 percent of people polled in 14 countries believe that Governments should do more to combat climate change. Eight out of 10 people think that incandescent light globes should be phased out globally, and 85.5 percent are worried about the impact that climate change will have on the world’s children.

These are just some of the key conclusions from the first annual World Environment Review poll conducted with 14,000 people in 14 countries, and powered by global market intelligence solutions provider GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) The findings are being released ahead of tomorrow’s G8 summit in Germany where climate change is expected to be top of the agenda.

To underline the international nature of climate change, three out of four people questioned across the 14 countries feel that the seasons are not arriving at the same time of year any more.

79.5 percent of people felt that Governments should make it easier for them to buy renewable electricity, and a further 90 percent felt that all electricity should contain a minimum 25 percent of power generated from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

62 percent of Chinese and 63 percent of Indians said it would be appropriate for developed countries to demand restrictions on carbon emissions from China, India and other emerging economies.

Germans and Britons both thought that the biggest threat to the world’s climate was the U.S. Government policy on climate change. 27 percent of Germans and 25.5 percent of Britons felt this way.

Many other countries identified the destruction of rain forests and old growth forests as the biggest issue – India, The Netherlands and Brazil expressed the biggest concerns with 40 percent, 34 percent and 33 percent respectively.

Initiated by Australian environmentalist Jon Dee, this is the first international public opinion survey on climate change since the release of the latest IPCC report *. Mr Dee and Lord Jay are launching the poll today at The House of Lords in London.

Other key research findings include:

· 79.5 percent of people polled think Governments should enforce minimum energy efficiency standards on major white goods appliances.

· 50 percent want Governments to put an environment tax on 4WD cars.

· 81 percent want Governments to raise fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, and 88 percent think Governments should do more to increase the sales of hybrid cars.

· 85 percent want Governments to do more to increase the use of public transport.

· People felt that Governments should make it easier for them to buy the following: renewable electricity (79.5 percent), energy-efficient products (74 percent), solar panels (72 percent), hybrid cars (75 percent) and carbon offsets (42.5 percent).

Half of those polled (50.5 percent) thought Governments should impose a carbon tax on all domestic and international flights.
Only 52 percent of people switched off appliances at the plug before going to bed, and only 37.5 percent had saved energy by washing clothes in cold water.

Only 22 percent believe that Governments should do more to increase the use of nuclear energy. This was the lowest score of alternative energy sources, with geothermal, hydro, tidal, wind and solar power all scoring higher. Concerns about climate change and energy security are not leading people to embrace nuclear power – their major alternative energy preference lay with solar and wind (86 percent and 80.5 percent respectively).

Of the 14 countries polled, Italians were the most concerned about climate change (96 percent). The Americans and the Dutch were the least concerned with 74 percent and 67.5 percent respectively.

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