Saturday, 9 June 2007

*Green Blood.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Doctors in Vancouver were stunned when the man they were operating on turned out to
have dark green blood.

No, the man was not following in the steps of "Star Trek's" fictional Mr. Spock -- a Vulcan with green blood, BBC News reported. The 42-year-old patient's unusually coloured blood was caused by a migraine medication called sumatriptan, BBC News reported Friday.

The medication caused a rare condition where sulphur is
incorporated into the oxygen-carrying red blood cells,
which turns the blood green, said Dr. Alana Flexman of
St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. The man's blood returned
to normal after the amount of the medication was reduced.

Mr. Spock, of the starship Enterprise, had green blood
because the oxidizing agent in Vulcan blood is copper, not
iron, as it is in humans.
(From Bizarre News)

On the other hand, a friend once advised me to take Vitamin B-Complex '50'. It caused me a bit of a shock when my urine turned green. Now, I am well known as a 'greenie' but that was going too far:-)

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