Tuesday, 5 June 2007


London Assembly Members can put formal questions to the Mayor.

Here are two asked, last week, by Green Party Assembly Member, Darren Johnson. Reading the answers, Ken seems to have intentionally or unintentionally missed the point. It would be laughable, if it was not so serious.

Question No: 885 / 2007
Darren Johnson
What actions are you and your biodiversity team taking to help safeguard London's bees following the recently reported threats to the bee population?

Response from the Mayor
I have publicised Buglife's Big Bumblebee Hunt on Wildweb.

I will continue to seek the inclusion of suitable habitat for London's two rare bumblebees in the landscaping of new developments and the construction of green roofs. Also my biodiversity team are seeking to ensure that the Olympic Park contains habitat for the rare bees.


Question No: 886 / 2007
Darren Johnson
What actions will you and your biodiversity team be taking in respect of the recommendations in the 'State of British Butterflies 2007' report?

Response from the Mayor
I will continue to promote the protection and enhancement of important habitats, and ensure that the requirements of butterflies are considered in the landscaping of strategic developments, including the Olympic Park.

My biodiversity team will assist the London Biodiversity Partnership in assessing whether additional butterfly species, as proposed in the report, should be added to the list of London priority species, and what actions are required for their conservation.

They will also investigate with Butterfly Conservation whether the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme collects sufficient data in London to enable the compilation of a meaningful state of the environment indicator for London.

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