Thursday, 28 June 2007

*Solar powered waste compactor

Europe's first solar powered waste compacting litter bin is now available from 3r Environmental Technology Limited. The unique 'litter bin' is operated totally by solar power and requires no external power source - even in the cloudy UK climate! It is perfect for local authorities and public areas where high volumes of waste are generated such as leisure and tourist venues, schools, universities, hospitals, parks and even town and city streets. 3r Managing Director, Doug Lord, explains: "This product is the first of its kind to be introduced to the UK and European market. It has been developed in the USA in light of the ever-increasing need to reduce CO2 emissions and improve environmental performance. It compacts waste, which significantly cuts the number of collections required, delivering the added benefit of reduced transport costs as well as reducing the harmful CO2 emissions associated with vehicle movements. And it is totally cordless and does all of this without using any power source other than natural sunlight, which also cuts operational costs and saves energy."

The bin has a drop-flap front that the user pulls open to deposit their rubbish. It is then compacted later when the machine senses that the chamber is full. It has a three-colour front display panel, which indicates the status of the unit, informing the operator of when it requires emptying. It also offers the added benefit of increased public safety by reducing the number of litter collections required during opening hours in areas such as parks, leisure and tourist venues.

For more information about 3r Environmental Technology visit or call: 01948 860797.

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