Tuesday, 3 July 2007

*Metronet's bill for Londoners: £1 a journey

Metronet's claim that Transport for London should cover its £1bn over-spend on works to upgrade the underground, could costs Londoners an average of £1 extra on every journey if paid all in one year. Darren Johnson, a Green Party member of the London Assembly has called on the Government to intervene by sacking Metronet, but only after it has ensured that they cover the full costs of the work they were contracted to do.

With 976 million passenger journeys being made on the tube each year, Darren Johnson has estimated that the £1bn would an extra £1 on every journey, for one whole year. Although it is unlikely that an extraordinary review by the regulator, would award the whole cost to TfL, Metronet have claimed the £1bn in their request for a formal review.

Darren Johnson commented:

” Metronet are demanding £1bn million extra from Transport for London which is the equivalent of every passenger paying an extra £1 on each journey for a whole year. But Metronet's inability to deliver the promised improvement programme means they shouldn't be paid a single penny - they should be thrown off the Underground, their PPP contract torn up and the service brought back in-house."

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