Saturday, 7 July 2007

*Items just in at The Green

Items come in every day. Here are a few items just in:

700,000 year old Tektites – from another world!

Chicago doctor's prescription from early 1920, just after the introduction of Prohibition. It’s made out for Spirits Frumenti – the Latin name for Whiskey!

Original ballot paper from the first free elections in South Africa, with photo of Nelson Mandela etc.

A Simpsons ‘expandable underpants’

A 1937 Coronation Plate and various ‘royal’ newspapers.

Original Roman Coins of Constantine, Constans, Tetricus 11 etc.

Two Spoken Word LPs of Dylan Thomas reading his own poetry and stories.

About 100 old banknotes from various countries. We are knocking these out at 50P each.

A Fossil Fish from the Eocene period – about 56 million years old.

A fortune telling cup.

A collection of Australian books, mostly on property investment. We have 1,000’s of books. I am about to have a sale £25 per 100 paperbacks.

Also have hundreds of Videos @ £1 each.

Some nice Peruvian hand made jewellery necklaces, ear-rings and anklets just in.

Some rare Irish items just in including:
A copy of Eamon De Valera’s speech at Earl’s Court in 1949.

A hand-made ‘Welcome Dev’ rosette – probably unique.

An early Easter Lilly from the same event.

We are open 7 days per week. 10am-6pm, and often later.

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