Wednesday, 25 July 2007

*Global Warming has killed over 1m in 7 years!

The World Health Organization estimates climate change has already directly or indirectly killed more than 1 million people globally since 2000.

More than half of those deaths have occurred in the Asia-
Pacific, the world's most populous region. Those figures do not include deaths linked to urban air pollution, which kills about 800,000 worldwide each year,according to WHO.

See the full story on Rachel’s Environment Weekly:

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weggis said...

Has it occurred to you that the increasing human population is just a teeny weeny bit of a problem? Do you think that this has not also occured to the likes of the White House?

Sooner or later, the Greens are gonna have to face up to it. And provide a "different" solution.

Otherwise Nature will take it's course.