Tuesday, 10 June 2008

*Action needed to save London's bees

Responding to research from the London Beekeepers' Association showing
that the capital has lost half of its bee population in the last two
years, Darren Johnson, a Green Party Member of the London Assembly,
will be calling on the new Mayor to produce research into the impacts
of bee colony collapse on London's gardens and bio-diversity. He wants
Mayor Johnson to help make the case for more Government research.

Darren questioned the previous Mayor on this issue last year and
pushed for stronger action to safeguard London's bee population,
following reports of an international decline in bee numbers.

He commented:
"These figures paint a worrying picture. Whilst this is a global
problem, London's bee population has been particularly badly affected
and urgent research is needed to try and reverse this trend. Bees
play a vital role in pollinating gardens across the capital and
further losses are likely to have a wider effect on biodiversity.
Although we often take bees for granted, without them Londoners will
not be able to fully enjoy the flowers and wildlife of the capital.
It is therefore important that we do not simply stand by and see our
bee population wiped out"

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