Thursday, 1 May 2008


To-day we have the elections for the Mayor of London and the London Assembly. These are vital elections for the Green Party. In the outgoing Assembly we held two of the twenty-five seats and the balance-of-power. These elections are also important to me as I am number three for the Green Party on the Londonwide List. Expert predictions are that we will take the seat.

To those of you who can vote, please get out there and vote Green Party for Mayor, Constituency Member and Londonwide Member. There are three different ballot papers but the most important is the PEACH coloured paper - the Londonwide section which is the proportional part of the election. Every GREEN PARTY vote gets me nearer to being elected.

Please pass the word around to your friends, relations, neighbours etc.

I will be in my home patch of East Finchley all day until 10pm tonight, apart from short trips to the local internet cafe.

The count is not until tomorrow and we do not expect a result until late evening.

Tomorrow evening, many greens are meeting up at the Horniman Pub close to City Hall, near the Belfast.

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