Friday, 25 July 2008

"Bloody Right -I'm going to stand again" - Ken Livingstone.

I was at Ken Livingstone’s party on Tuesday night in Dingwalls nightclub in Camden Lock and had a chat with him. He is looking and sounded ten years younger and fighting fit.

He gave what can only be described as a stomping speech.

Among his point were:

“We actually saw the Green vote in the Assembly go up.”

“[We have] an incredible amount to be proud of in terms of what we did, we set up not just the minimum wage but the London living wage and Boris has had to carry on with that.”

“We set a whole now raft of initiatives in terms of public transport.”

“This is the only city on earth with a 5% shift from car use to public transport.”

He received tumultuous applause when he said:

“Andrew Gilligan seems to be obsessed about whether I'm going to stand again”

. "Bloody right I'm going to stand again!"

“[An] election is won over the years of what you do to set a progressive agenda.”

“We're establishing a progressive London website not restricted to the Labour party [but] anyone who believes this city should be part of defining the way we organise our world in a fairer and more sustainable way in the years to come.”

“We're going to lay the foundation for another progressive coalition to take London forward in four years' time.”

The packed crowd included Government ministers, TU leaders and activists, NGO’s and greens including both our Assembly members.

Jenny Jones AM in recovering from a broken arm having been run down on her bike by a careless motorist.

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