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*Sustainable Investing"

This is the latest book by Nick Robbins, Green Party activist in Merton.

Sustainable Investing

October 2008
272 pages
ISBN: 9781844075485

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Business and Environmental Management

Sustainable Investing
The Art of Long-Term Performance
Cary Krosinsky and Nick Robins
Series: Environmental Market Insights
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'Buy and read this book. Without it, you are playing yesterday's game.'
Robert A. G. Monks

'Essential reading, whether you are an investor, a CEO or simply someone wanting to enjoy both a pension and a world fit for future life.'
John Elkington, co-founder of ENDS, SustainAbility and Volans, and co-author of The Power of Unreasonable People

'A significant contribution to a rapidly growing field ... This is a must-read book for practitioners and investment analysts alike.'
Gordon L. Clark, Oxford University

'This book richly deserves to be read by everyone in the investment community - and many beyond.'
Rob Lake, APG Investments, The Netherlands

Sustainable Investing is fast becoming the smart way of generating long-term returns. With conventional investors now scrambling to factor in issues such as climate change, this book captures a turning point in the evolution of global finance. Bringing together leading practitioners of Sustainable Investing from across the globe, this book charts how this agenda has evolved, what impact it has today, and what prospects are emerging for the years ahead.

Sustainable Investing has already been outperforming the mainstream, and concerned investors need to know how best to position themselves for potentially radical market change.

‘This splendid book provides up to date analyses of virtually the entire spectrum of socially related investment possibilities. The field is in a rapid state of change - Steve Viederman’s lovely piece on the Fiduciary remains a constant guide - I recommend to everyone that you buy and read this book. Without it, you are playing yesterday’s game.’
Robert A.G. Monks, shareholder activist and leading founder of the practice of Corporate Governance
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About the author(s)
Cary Krosinsky is a long-standing expert on the intersection of equity ownership and Sustainable and Responsible Investing, and is now Vice President, North America of Trucost Plc. Nick Robins, former Head of SRI research and SRI funds at Henderson Global Investors, is now Head of the HSBC Climate Change Centre of Excellence.
Foreword by Steve Lydenberg * Introduction * Part I: The Rise of Sustainable Investing * The Emergence of Sustainable Investing * Sustainable Equity Investing: The Market-Beating Strategy * Investors: A Force for Sustainability * Sustainability Analysis * Part II: Confronting New Risks and Opportunities * Observations from the Carbon Emission Markets: Implications for Carbon Finance * Carbon Exposure * Clean Energy Opportunities * Water * Part III: Sustainability Across the Other Asset Classes * Fixed Income and Microfinance * Sustainable and Responsible Property Investing * Private Equity: Unlocking the Sustainability Potential * Social Businesses * Part IV: Future Directions and Trends * China * India * Civil Society and Capital Markets * Fiduciary Duty * The Global Agenda * Conclusion: Sustainable Investing - The Art of Long-Term Performance * Index

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