Thursday, 12 February 2009

*Mayor: 'You're trying to make me look like a f***ing fool'

Key extracts from Mayor Boris Johnson's alleged foul-mouthed rant at Keith Vaz,
chairman of the Commons home affairs committee*:

"I used to think that you were a straight guy. A man that you could do business with. This is f***ing ridiculous."

"You have gone on television and connived to try to give the impression that I f***ing tipped off David Cameron."

"You are trying to make me look like a f***ing fool.

"I cannot believe that you have allowed the (committee) to become a part of this. This is such f***ing bullshit."

"I f***ing warned you beforehand that I would not be very good on details."

"I have been asked endlessly about phone conversations with Paul Stephenson but calls with Cameron were completely f***ing irrelevant."

"You have behaved in an unbelievably naked partisan way...f***ing smear tactics from the Labour Party."

"The key point that is not getting across - I didn't give any f***ing information to Cameron."

Mr Johnson also says he was so "f***ing angry".

* According to minutes reportedly taken of the phone conversation between Mr Johnson and Mr Vaz on 4 February

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