Thursday, 6 August 2009

*Support Tracy.

Green Party Executive elections are coming up. I am backing Tracy Deighton-Brown for the important post of External Communications Coordinator.

I have known and worked alongside Tracy for many years. She is a professional to her fingertips which is what the Green Party will need in this coming year, not inexperienced amateurs.

She also knows how to win elections having being a core member our London victories in 2000 and 2004. This year we got our highest vote in a long time. She also masterminded what the Guardian described as the best broadcast of the election - on a shoestring.

She took over External Comms, last year, when it was a shambles and got it into shape. She fought off calls from some of the wilder elements of the party to go for negative campaigning. In this, she was backed by all the top elected people.

Caroline Lucas MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Darren Johnson (Chair of the London Assembly) and Jenny Jones AM are all highly experienced election winners - they all back Tracy!

As Party Leader, Caroline Lucas states:
“As we enter a General Election year, it would be very damaging to risk disrupting all the good work she has done"

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