Monday, 11 January 2010

*Commissionerioner Dick's award.

I totally agree with Joseph Healy's letter below.

The award to Commissioner Dick is the most undeserved since Caligula's horse. A police officer who got lost inside Scotland Yard, who prevaricated and gave ambiguous orders that led to the execution of an innocent person!!

The letter below was published in Friday's issue of the South London Press.

"I read with interest your account of the New Year's Honours List on January 1st but one significant award was not mentioned. As someone standing for the election in the constituency of Vauxhall, which includes Stockwell, where an innocent man, Jean Charles de Menezes, was killed by the Metropolitan Police in 2005. I wish to express my shock and revulsion at the award of the Queen's Police Medal to Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick, the woman who oversaw a lot of the operation. I share the concern and anger of the de Menezes family campaigners over this - and what a slap in the face it is for them after everything else they have suffered. Once again it demonstrates that the establishment will always rally round for its own and the victims will be left voiceless. The circumstances of this case were simply too murky and there are questions which have never been answered. To grant this award now is, I believe, an utter disgrace."

Joseph Healy

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall

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