Monday, 22 November 2010

‘Walk in The Green Park’ to save ancient parkland

Greens launch ‘Walk in The Green Park’ to save ancient parkland

Photo opportunity: Tues 23rd November, 1.00 – 1.15pm

Meeting Point: Proposed site of tree felling within the park

(Opposite the Hard Rock Café - where Picadilly meets Hyde Park Corner)

Green Party activists will join Westminster residents and conservationists from across the capital, for a ‘Walk in The Green Park’ on Tuesday in a last ditch attempt to save ancient treescape from destruction as proposals for a war memorial costing £5 million get the go ahead.
The groups will tie ribbons around the trees earmarked for felling near to Hyde Park Corner, in an appeal to the Bomber Command Association and its donors to reconsider their choice of site for the memorial.

Opponents say the plans will destroy biodiversity, cause the loss of ancient trees, mar the special character and tradition of the parkland, alter ground levels and forever change the centuries old physical historical boundary between town and country. (See attached before and after image of the site.)

Westminster resident and Green Party activist who is co-ordinating the event, Jules Lyle said:

"To damage the natural parkland which has been enjoyed by all for centuries when a suitable alternative site exists, defies all understanding.

“The United Nations named 2010 as the International Year of Biodiversity, yet London doesn't listen. We should be planting more trees and increasing and improving wildlife habitats not uprooting mature trees and hedges in an historic central London park.

”Other sites have been offered to Bomber Command which are much more suitable, such as The Embankment near the Battle of Britain memorial. I think hundreds of tonnes of Portland Stone should stay in Portland and they should leave our lovely park to nature as it was designed."

Questions are being asked as to how and why Westminster Council refrained from exercising a duty of care to protect the heritage parkland when policies had been established for this purpose, explicitly stating: “no more memorials in the area”.


For more information contact Jules Lyle on 07939 072534

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