Friday, 15 April 2011

Coronation Street does its bit to smear DLA claimants

From my friend, Alan Wheatley, Disability Rights campaigner:

The incident referred to is about 4 minutes in on the online video

A conversation between Katie and Chesney Coronation Street tonight. Katie 'I need a little part time job' Chesney 'No Way, then you fail your exams and I get knee capped off your Dad' Katie 'Well at least we would qualify for disability allowance and we would be quids in.' ARGH Yet more assumptions that people who claim DLA are loaded - never mind the disability of course.

Comments like this from a top soap are just underlining the Governments view of people who claim benefits. Soap or not you need to get real.

I posted a comment onto their facebook site which was removed within seconds.

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