Friday, 22 June 2012


It is with deep regret that I have been informed of the demise of another Green Party stalwart. 

Margaret Wright, GP councillor in Cambridge until recently, passed away last night.

I first met Margaret when she was Principal Speaker and I was her GPRC Friend.  She always had great energy and was a true trouper.

I remember meeting her after her appearance on the Ali G show. She was exhausted but triumphant.  She was the only guest that ever got the better of him when during a debate on aerosols she stuck her armpit in his faceJ  For once he was speechless!  I have the video of it somewhere.

When she came to Barnet for an election, the reporters were not interested in the MP’s; they all wanted to meet ‘the housewife who had bested Ali G’

I will miss her big smile and our phone chats.

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Adrian Windisch said...

She was an inspiration

SeE the Ali G Clip on Youtube, just search for her name and green party.