Friday, 30 January 2015

Green Party launches crowdfunder appeal to demonstrate its ambition of standing in 100% of seats

30 January 2015
THE Green Party today launched a Crowdfunder campaign to fund standing a candidate in as many seats in England and Wales as logistically possible.
Having previously committed to standing in 75% of seats in England and Wales [1], and already being close to achieving that goal, the party is democratising the decision as to whether the party should stand in more seats.
The need for a £500 deposit to stand a candidate in the General Election has often been an obstacle for smaller parties. The Green Party is today launching a public appeal to raise the £72,500 needed to stand in as many of the remaining 25% of seats without a Green candidate as possible.
The Green Party is polling at its highest levels ahead of a General Election in decades and is committed to providing an opportunity for as many voters as possible to vote Green on May 7th 2015. 
Natalie Bennett, Leader of the Green Party said:
“Crowdfunder is a novel and pioneering way of political party funding. Rather than relying on corporate interest or big business the Greens are handing over the decision to the voters and asking them whether they will back us to stand in more seats. The Green Party has already raised over £79,000 [2] on Crowdfunder, with thousands of backers funding Green campaigns.”
“The Green Surge has energised Green voters and members all over the country. Countless new local Green Party branches are being opened and are eager to run candidates for this coming election. With this campaign the Greens can guarantee a record number of voters will be able to vote Green in May 2015.”
Graeme Roy, Head of Marketing at Crowdfunder commented:
Crowdfunding is a democratic way for political candidates to reach out to their supporters. The Green Party have shown real innovation in using crowdfunding and certainly have made the most of the platform that Crowdfunder has for political fundraising." 
Notes to Editors
[1] There are 533 constituencies in England and Wales. 75% of seats represents 400 candidates. The Greens have currently announced candidates for over 350 constituencies, with selection processes undergoing in more seats.
[2] For details on current crowdfunder efforts Green Party campaigns can be seen here:

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