Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Green Party selection for the London Assembly List.
Endorsements are piling in to support my campaign.

Here are two  of the latest:

Professional politicians can be one dimensional automatons who go into 'sleep mode' away from meetings and TV cameras. In contrast Noel Lynch has more dimensions than Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!  He is a man with a crowded hinterland of interests and an insatiable interest in people as well as issues and policies. His commitment to environmental and social justice is grounded in life experience as well as in sharp intellectual analysis and debate. Put him high on the GLA list to so that he can shake up the London Assembly and subject the new Mayor to incisive scrutiny. There are also bound to be a few laughs along the way...

Martin Francis
Brent Green Party
'WembleyMatters' blogger

And another from Clare Lewis of Haringey GP:

I have known Noel for the best part of 30 years, ever since he first joined Tottenham Green Party in 1988.  He has played a wide-ranging and substantial role in promoting Green politics over that time and he is one of the most dedicated and committed Greens I have ever met.  He is always happy to be contacted and is absolutely tireless in his support for local parties in London.  I am delighted to support his bid to rejoin the London Assembly.

Claire Lewis, Haringey Green Party

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