Saturday, 20 October 2007


From the, always interesting, UP! e-group.

Naturally, I would put JOIN THE GREEN PARTY AS No. 1.

1. Don't eat meat: the most wasteful and polluting way of producing food, and cruel to animals too

2. Don't waste energy: turn the heating down; insulate; wear more clothes

3. Drive as little as necessary: cycle where possible or walk

4. Refuse excessive packaging: or return it to the shops

5. Recycle what you can: plastics, metal, glass, paper

6. Compost organic waste: build a compost heap or get a bin

7. Reduce consumption: do you really need that much STUFF?

8. Don't fly: holiday at home [try camping, it's great fun and planet friendly]

9. Install energy efficient lightbulbs

10. Plant trees: in your garden or anywhere else you can find

11. Join an environmental, wildlife or conservation group and get active

12. Use less water: bath with a friend; don't flush after a piss; don't clean teeth with tap running

13. Install solar panels or a wind generator

14. Complain when you see wasteful behaviour: whether corporate or private

15. Write to your MP about bad government policies: like airport expansion and road building

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Adrian Windisch said...

How about get your MP to:
reduce the speed limit to a less wastefull 60mpg, as the USA did in the 70s.

and reduce the cost of public transport so its cheaper than car use.

Cut down on water use, it takes energy to treat and pump water.

Switch to a green tarriff at or