Saturday, 20 October 2007


Press Release from the Green Party:

Noel Lynch, London GP Convenor, and Dr Joseph Healy, International
Coordinator GPEW, will be among Greens meeting Polish voters from Brighton
on Sunday at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road at 1pm after voting in the
Polish general election. This election also vitally important because of
the appallingly right wing zenophobic and homophobic government in Warsaw.

They will be presented with cakes and leaflets on behalf
of the party before their return to Brighton. The event was organised at
the last minute by GP activists in Brighton angered at the lack of voting
facilities for Poles living there. Please pass on to press and Polish
press in particular. We will also have London GP banner there. Any Polish
speaking London members very welcome to attend, there will be snacks in
Friends Meeting House.

We also hope that these Polish citizens will encourage their compatriots
in London to vote in next May's Assembly elections and the 2009 Euro

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