Monday, 14 January 2008

*Brian Haw Assaulted.


During the freedom to protest assembly this afternoon, London Mayoral candidate Brian Haw (who was peacefully filming events in Whitehall) was violently attacked by a territorial support group policeman who lashed out at him, smashing his camera into his face and causing a deep cut. Police then arrested Brian for an unspecified public order offence and further assaulted him in a police van.

THE SOCPA legislation will soon be applied to all of the UK, and furthermore, anyone who opposes government policy will be labelled as extremist, and liable to arrest, detention and prosecution UNLESS everyone gets involved.

The US is just about to pass a law that will criminalise all dissent, and are also on the verge of bringing in the draft......UK is not far behind as they are fully committed to the war in Iraq and elsewhere, known as The War Against Terror (TWAT!)......... get busy folks!


john1234567890 said...

Wot rubbish!He was arrested for section 5 public order act for shouting "fucking"at the police...He can be heard shouting this on video at the youtube site...get your facts right!Tourists were walking past with children...he should be ashamed of himself.

Noel Lynch said...

No mate. YOU are the one that should be ashamed of yourself.

Noel Lynch said...

Comment emailed from Miranda Dunn:

Response to John

John you appear to be well informed, but you are not. Having seen Brian's bruises and the gash on his face; which is surrounded by bruising; which extends around his jaw and his cranium; and the severe damage to his wrists. It is clear he was subjected to a very vicious attack.

The Police who have been allowed to get away with this bullying are a disgrace. I understand that Brian was assaulted with his own camera, because a woman peace protestor was being dragged by her neck, and Brian was filming this both to provide protection to the protestor and to provide evidence. This is why he was arrested. As to your other information on the details of the warrant you appear to have more information than I have seen elsewhere. If you are correct, how do you have this information. Are you involved?

The Magistrates who allow such behaviour to take place and convict the Protestors time and again under SOCPA are complicit in this bullying; which is being carried out by the Police; at the demand of the Brown Government.

There are still plenty of good police but this legislation - SOCPA is creating bad apples.

It is also evident that the Brown Government's policy of employing of private companies, who employ nasty thugs to control/guard prisoners instead of trainer officers is destroying justice and perpetuating the worst forms of abuse.