Tuesday, 15 January 2008

*Dr. Pusztai

There is an interesting interview with Dr. Pusztai in the Guardian. See details below.

He is one of my great heroes. Without him we would all now be eating GM food. I met him when I organised a conference on GM food at City Hall. He is a gentle, slightly shy person and a real gentleman. When he speaks, you know that it is the voice of a true scientist, unlike some of the pronouncements of the pro-GM spokespeople. Dr. Pusztai started his career under a Stalinist regime but it is ironic that he was treated much worse in the UK.

A podcast of this interview can be heard at

Arpad Pusztai: Biological divide
The scientist at the centre of a storm over GM foods 10 years ago tells
James Randerson he is unrepentant
The Guardian, January 15 2008

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