Wednesday, 13 February 2008


"From October 2008, lone parents with older children will no longer
be entitled to income support solely on the grounds of being a lone
parent. Instead, those able to work may claim jobseeker's allowance.
They will be expected to look for work and, if necessary, acquire
the skills they need to do so, in return for personalised support.

"The change will be introduced for lone parents with a youngest
child aged 12 or over from October 2008 a youngest child aged 10 or
over from October 2009 and a youngest child aged seven or over from
October 2010."

With these words "Ready For Work: full employment in our generation" issued with minimal publicity in late December 2007 ushers in a worrying time for many single parents. Funny enough, I haven't heard any newspapers complaining on this attack on the poor. Instead they give loads of publicity to the squealing of millionaires who have been asked to pay a derisory amount to the exchequer.

Mothers of seven year olds will soon be forced to go out to work, sometimes for these rich 'non doms' who do not like paying taxes.

In the meantime, who looks after the 7-12 year olds?

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