Tuesday, 12 February 2008

*Highgate Byelection - Vote For The Green Party Candidate

Green Party candidate Sarah Mitchell with her daughter.

I am Sarah Mitchell and I have lived in Highgate, an area I love, for 7 years.
I have been an active Green Party member since 2003 and I am a cofounder
of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s. I worked for the BBC for 6 years
and am now a freelance radio producer, making programmes for BBC Radio 4.

I am known for getting things done. In 2005 I moved from Highgate
village to the Summersby Road estate, where I immediately set up a Residents’
Association. I am well aware of the problems tenants and leaseholders in
the ward have with the ALMO Homes for Haringey, and have been demanding
that they fulfil their repair and maintenance duties on our estate.

Local Shops and Services

I have campaigned for local shops and opposed our high streets being taken over by big supermarkets and coffee chains. If elected I would fight to rejuvenate high
streets such as the much neglected Archway Road. I would also try to ensure that the post office there isn’t closed and demand that HaringeyCouncil encourage small businesses rather than slap fines on them, as happens under the current system.

Haringey Council must also continue to support Jackson’s Lane as this really is the hub of the whole community.


We have NO recycling facilities in our street and I know several other streets in the ward suffer similarly. You may think that the other parties have picked up the green baton – don’t believe it! We are the original Green party with the
know-how and dedication that the council need at this crucial moment as they attempt to brand themselves the ‘Greenest borough’. As your councillor I would demand every
household have access to doorstep recycling facilities, as well as campaigning for free insulation for every home that needs it, better cycle routes and
higher parking charges for gas guzzlers.


Like a lot of people in Highgate, I am a parent – I have a one year old daughter, Clementine, and am a member of the Maternity Services Committee at the Royal Free Hospital. I am also keen to get the council to address the problem of demand outstripping places in our local nurseries and primary schools. Indeed, there are no children’s centres in the ward. I would campaign to ensure that all children in the
ward have adequate facilities, aiding their development and socialisation.

Decent Homes

I would work to make ‘decent homes’ a reality, not just a council catchphrase. Although many people live in good conditions in Highgate, there are those that do not, and they often get overlooked. If elected, I would fight on your behalf
to make Homes for Haringey more accountable. In my role of chair of the Residents’ Association I have already been working alongside Cllr Williams and Cllr Hare, and know that we would make a great team for the ward.

Green councillors are already working for Highgate in the borough of
Camden – isn’t it time Haringey had a Green councillor too?

I will provide a strong, hard-working, independent Green voice on the council. A strong voice for the ward is needed as we are often overlooked by Haringey council, despite paying more council tax than any other ward!

You already have two Lib Dem councillors representing the ward – ensure you don’t get a monopoly.

Choose the independent Green to speak for YOU!


I would oppose the privatisation of our local GP surgeries, a shocking development which has already been allowed in other parts of London. I would also fight cutbacks of local health facilities such as the well-used baby clinic.

Vote Green on 6th March
Vote Green Party

Published by Haringey Green Party. Agent: Mike Shaughnessy, 11 Herbert Rd, N11 2QN.

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