Wednesday, 7 January 2009

*Mayor lets down householders

The London Mayor today confirmed his support for two existing schemes intended to improve the energy efficiency of commercial and public buildings: the Green 500 schemes aimed at occupiers of buildings and the Better Buildings partnership targeted at owners/landlords of commercial buildings.

However, the flagship London Green Homes Service has been dropped. This service was designed to help Londoners cut climate emissions and fuel costs by making their homes more energy efficient. This was confirmed yesterday by LDA chief executive, Peter Rogers, under questioning by Darren Johnson at the Assembly's budget committee.

Darren commented,
"While I am pleased the Mayor and London Development Agency are
working to improve energy efficiency in the commercial and public
sector, I am absolutely dismayed to hear that the Green Homes
programme is to be axed. Londoners desperately need help, advice and
support to make their homes greener. The Green Homes programme needs expanding, not disbanding.

With London facing a big freeze, there couldn't be a worse time to scrap the programme. With nearly one in ten Londoners facing possible job loss and far more facing financial hardship, we need the Green Homes programme more than ever.

A London wide programme to insulate and draught proof every London home over three years, and fit energy saving equipment, such as solar water heating, over 15 years, could create up to 17,000 new jobs for builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians, roofers, heating and structural engineers and builders' supply merchants."

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