Sunday, 25 January 2009

* Wanker of the week.

From SchNews:

Wanker Of The Week - Dr Simon Festing

"These [SHAC] sentences signal the end of the long dark era of animal rights extremism,"
- Dr Simon Festing, January 2009, Research Defence Society

"We have many different cells which work on our own style of tactic. At the moment our main strategy is to take the fight to them as much as possible."
- Dr Simon Festing, January 1996, Friends of the Earth spokesman - Third Battle of Newbury.

Hey we all lose some of that youthful idealism when the grey hair
starts to sprout but it takes a special kind of wanker to move from
pushing direct action to actively agitating for activists to receive
harsh prison sentences. This not-so-good doctor has really pulled an
ideological handbrake turn - from defending the natural habitats of
animals to promoting caging and torturing them. Maybe he just grew
tired of the disapproving looks and snide asides at family dinners -
his father, a certain Michael Festing, works for the UK Animal Procedures Committee and is highly involved in the pharmaceutical and animal testing industries.

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