Wednesday, 13 May 2009

*Green Party Election Broadcast.

It is the most effective broadcast that we have had in some time. Well done to our GPEX External Communications Coordinator, Tracy-Dighton Brown. A special commendation as the broadcast was done pro-bono and did not cost us
- that's what I call 'value for money'

Shot by Jonty Toosey at Bikini Films, the 2 minute 40 second election broadcast encourages people to think again about the Green Party. It challenges pre-conceptions and dramatises the varied achievements of the party in the European Parliament. The broadcast also contains music from Franz Ferdinand - their song, "Eleanor Put Your Boots On."

Saw Peter Tatchell on TV yesterday discussing the MP expenses scandal. Again, well done to Tracy, Spencer and our media team.

They are proving to be the best media team in my memory.

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