Monday, 25 May 2009

*Lib Dem lies.

Apparently these fake claims are been published all over London:

I received a Liberal Democrat European election leaflet. On it there is a bar chart illustrating the votes achieved by different political parties, with an arrow pointing at The Green Party saying “can't win here”.

I have spent a lot of time recently explaining to Haringey voters about Green MEP for London Jean Lambert's exceptional performance over the last eight years. They elected her twice. MEPs represent the whole of London, and Haringey despite having no Green councillors was one of the biggest contributors to the successful Green vote both times. I'm confident the residents of Haringey will elect Green councillors next year. We definitely are electable in Haringey.

Before I received my copy of the leaflet, a few people had already asked me about it and asked me if it were true that Greens couldn't win. Having experience of the Lib Dems' use of election statistics in Haringey before, I could without looking at the leaflet explain what they had probably done. They'd used data from a 'first past the post' General Election alongside text about the 'proportional representation' European Election. The small print under the bar chart, which few people read, states which election the figures are from. Is this a deliberate attempt to mislead voters into voting for them, or simply an accidental mistake? I leave you to decide.

For the highest standards of integrity, 'Vote Green' on June the 4th, and in all other elections.

Pete McAskie

Green Party Parliamentary candidate

Hornsey & Wood Green

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