Tuesday, 2 June 2009

*Save disabled people and their families from the cost-cutters!

For every three diagnosed cases of autism in the under-5s, it is estimated that there are two undiagnosed cases.[1]

Meanwhile recession and cuts in public spending make obtaining a diagnosis of disability more difficult to obtain for children and adults alike. And the DWP is making it harder for people to claim Disability Living Allowance and crisis loans.[2] Green Party Disability Spokesperson Alan Wheatley says:

"Of course, diagnostic services cost money, and cutting those services means getting disadvantaged families to carry the can in isolation.

"Green Party policy advocates a non-means-tested Citizen's Income to free parents to parent, volunteers to volunteer, etc. Green Party policy of 'green-collar' job creation and CI comprise alternatives to the Welfare Reform Bill.

"Under New Labour and Tory welfare reform measures, even parents of autistic adults would be forced to undergo 'work-related activity' as if parenting is socially irresponsible. ('Safe-guards' given lip-service in Parliament are not spelled out in the Bill.)"

The parent of a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome says in support of Citizen's Income: "The problem is that so many people think that disability could never happen to them."[4]

For more on Green Party policy, go to www.greenparty.org.uk


[1] One in 100 children have autism

[2] DWP making it harder to claim crisis loans and DLA

[3] Insulation, house building, etc.

[4] By email to Alan Wheatley

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weggis said...

Autism is really a spectrum of disorders from the severe to the mild. It includes things like speech, language and communication disorders. Much of the work done by charities such as Afasic is in assisting parents through the quagmire of bureaucracy to get their children properly assessed. It doesn’t help when responsibilities are divided and lead to passing the buck.