Thursday, 4 June 2009

*Why you should cast your vote for the Green Party by Shahrar Ali

From this week's Camden New Journal

ACROSS London, Greens have been articulating a positive vision for trans-national action on climate change and social justice.

Many people have been saying they will vote for us but against the backdrop of the MP expenses scandal with a sense of relief that they could count on us. Others have said they would vote Green because they felt badly let down by the main parties.

Let’s not overstate what the behaviour of a discredited political establishment tells us about the possibility of genuine politics; nor pretend that anyone is impervious to hubris. But why have Greens topped a recent public poll asking: “which politicians were most trusted to put Britain before self”?

Green MEPs have been motivated by long-term goals long before it became popular for others to talk the talk. Moreover, we offer a joined-up analysis of how economics, society and environment interrelate. Greens understand that luxury doesn’t buy happiness and that global markets are bad at costing the harm done to our beautiful, priceless planet.

Our elected are too focused on tackling the many pressing external problems to even think about self-aggrandisement. We need to reskill workers in sustainable jobs and pursue massive investment in renewable energy. We need urgent action to put a stop to the increasing numbers, invariably poor, already dying from climate change. We stand for the integrity of our environment and the dignity of humanity, not the establishment of personal property portfolios.

How dignified was the TV spectacle of Blears posing with a £13k cheque?

As if one only had reason to do right when one could no longer be seen to get away with doing wrong! You can put your faith in Greens who stand for what they believe in.

Make your vote count by re-electing Jean Lambert and electing more Greens, too.

• Shahrar Ali is the Green Party’s London Policy co-ordinator and a candidate for the European election. He wrote his PhD on lying and deception in public life and teaches philosophy for life-long learners in Bloomsbury.

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