Wednesday, 28 April 2010

*Asian Green candidate to explain appeal of Green Party in BBC interview

BBC Asian Network News
Thursday April 29th, 12pm for 12.30pm broadcast
Altab Ali Park on the corner of Whitechapel Road and White Church Lane, E1

The Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Ilford South, Wilson Chowdry (see photo attached), is to discuss a range of issues affecting Asians in the UK and explain why the Green Party’s policies have particular appeal, when he appears in a live BBC Asian Network News interview tomorrow April 29th at 12.00pm.

The BBC took the decision to interview candidates from smaller parties after its recent Asian Network ICM poll found that one in three (36%) would consider voting for a smaller party - and even higher amongst Muslims.

Wilson Chowdry said:

“Muslims in this country are definitely disenfranchised with the mainstream parties. Much of this is due to the disillusionment created by the Afghanistan and Iraq wars – the Afghanistan war being an unwinnable war and the Iraq war an illegal and immoral war that we should never have taken part in.

“These wars have been counter-productive, culminating in schism and polarisation within British communities. We’ve seen an increase in Islamophobia and it is about time that this country put that right.

“The Green Party has a more enlightened approach to international affairs. One of the first things that we would instigate would be the immediate withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan. We would campaign for more involvement of the weaker nations within the international decision-making process. Moreover, we would pursue peace in the Middle East by engaging with all parties.

“As a party we are a secular organisation and believe everyone has the right to freedom to practise one’s faith – or no faith, if that is the case.

“We are concerned that Islamophobia is becoming an issue in workplaces and other social centres. We are very worried about the way police forces in the UK are targeting Asians in stop and searches. Asians are twice as likely to be stopped as white people."

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