Tuesday, 6 April 2010

*Greens launch record full slate in London

"We go into this General Election with a real chance of getting Green MPs elected for the first time ever" - Darren Johnson

The Green Party has today (April 6th) announced that it is launching a record full slate of candidates in London for this year's General Election. Seventy three candidates have been selected - compared to 54 in 2005 - offering Londoners the chance to vote Green in every London constituency for the first time.

London Federation of Green Parties Co-ordinator, Noel Lynch said:

"The fact that we have been able field a full slate for the first time, shows the growing strength and confidence in the Greens. It's a reflection of our rising membership - which nearly doubled after last year's Euros - and greater public awareness and demand for Green policies. Britain is now at a crossroads, embroiled in financial chaos and environmental breakdown. It's hardly surprising that more and more people are looking for a viable alternative to the three main parties. People know they can trust the Green Party on the environment, and now they are beginning to realise that we have strong economic and social policies."

This year's candidates are more diverse than ever with 37% being women [1] and more candidates from black and Asian groups than previously. The party's main target constituency is Lewisham Deptford, headed by well known London figure, Darren Johnson [2], a Lewisham councillor of 8 years and a London Assembly Member for a decade.

Darren Johnson said:

"We go into this General Election with a real chance of getting Green MPs elected for the first time ever. Here in Lewisham Deptford we have transformed what was once a safe Labour seat into a key Green battleground. We have overturned large Labour majorities in the council elections and now it's time to do it in the General Election."

We will also field over 800 candidates in the London Local Elections.

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