Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A UK NATIONAL NEWSPAPER HAS SAID IT BELIEVES CAROLINE LUCAS MP, GREEN PARTY LEADER, MIGHT BE LISTED ON A NATIONAL PUBLIC ORDER INTELLIGENCE UNIT DATABASE OF "DOMESTIC EXTREMISTS" along with other law abiding citizens - including Vince Cable - on a National Public Order Intelligence unit database of "domestic extremists" according to one of the UK's major newspapers, which has contacted the Green Party privately about the matter.

Responding today, Caroline said: "I wouldn't be surprised if my name was on the list. Anybody who takes part in any kind of protest, however peaceful and however justifiable in terms of the public good, appears to be at risk of being labelled an extremist. "After attending the 2008 Climate Camp at Kingsnorth in Kent, for example, I wrote to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner with a Freedom of Information request to find out whether my name was one of those being held on police databases. I was told that this information could not be released.

"At Kingsnorth, I saw for myself the extent to which the policing of peaceful protests was becoming aggressive and disproportionate. There has been a real escalation of excessive police responses to environmental protests, student demonstrations and anti-war actions.

"Controversial techniques like kettling have become normalised. And the revelations about police infiltration of non-violent groups represent an ever more dangerous step towards to a police state. "Given the discovery that even more undercover officers like Mark Kennedy are involved in covert operations against green campaigners - at great expense to the taxpayer - the police must now act urgently to bring ACPO's policing units into the Metropolitan Police."

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