Monday, 31 January 2011

Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Park Legacy Company has deferred its decision on whom to recommend for occupancy of the Olympic Stadium. Most of the press coverage has focused on the Spurs (seems more commercially compelling) and West Ham (more emotionally compelling but requires public subsidy) bids.

I'm not a huge football fan or that crazy about the Olympics either, but the Olympic legacy is vitally important to east London.

Our commitment to provide an athletics facility at the site means we should not countenance any bid that does not incorporate this. It would trash London's reputation. It would make liars of us. It would mean we could no longer complain about duplicitous sports administrators at FIFA and the IOC as we would have behaved just as badly!

What I can't understand is why there seems to be no suggestion whatsoever for Spurs and West Ham to bid jointly. The benefits seem obvious to my non-expert mind. Could the cost savings be partly used to pay for a more sophisticated technological solution that gives a 60,000 seat football stadium with a retractable tier that can be moved to provide a 40,000+ seat athletics facility fit for major championships? I dont know! Shouldnt someone ask?

If AC Milan and Inter can share the San Siro surely Spurs and West Ham can share the Olympic site!

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