Monday, 28 November 2011

Greens from all over the country will be voicing their opposition to the coalition cuts on November 30th

The Green Party strongly supports the union’s strike over changes to their Public Sector pension schemes which will see their members having to work longer and contribute more. The 24 hour walk out is set to be the UK’s biggest strike for over 30 years with over 2 million Public Sector employees taking part.

We call for a clamp down on tax evasion by the rich and a tax on financial transactions rather than the proposed public sector cuts and for the Government to urgently review the state pension which remains below poverty levels. We would like to see the rapid introduction of a citizen's pension, paid at a level that allows people to meet basic needs.

Green councillor Rob White reports: "Sadly, the coalition’s treatment of public sector workers has left them with little option but to take strike action. The Conservative led coalition seems to want ordinary people, who did the least to cause the economic crisis, to make the biggest sacrifices. The Green Party thinks this is unfair. Although we regret the inconvenience that striking can cause, sometimes targeted and considered action is necessary.

"This government is taking us backwards. We shouldn't be racing to the bottom, but protecting the pensions of ordinary people and making sure that everyone across all sectors gets a decent pension when they retire. Fair pensions are worth fighting for!"

Greens at Westminster and City Hall will not cross the picket lines to work on Wednesday November 30th.

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