Wednesday, 2 November 2011

We cannot keep quiet on rotten borough of City of London

Green Party Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones today reaffirmed the Party’s commitment to the abolition of the City of London Corporation.

Jones said: “It is no surprise that the political consensus is to avoid discussing the City of London’s nefarious practices and influence.

“Half of Conservative Party funding comes from the Square Mile and the proportion of votes allocated to big business within the Corporation increased under the Labour government.

“However we cannot keep quiet about the continued existence of a rotten borough that provides a tax haven for big business, lacks democracy and dislikes protests on its streets.

“With the neighbouring borough of Tower Hamlets implementing some of the worst cuts in the country and basic public services being forced to close, the unaccountable accumulation of the Corporation’s massive property portfolio is entirely unacceptable.”

 The Green Party passed policy at its September conference calling for the Corporation’s abolition.

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