Saturday, 15 March 2008

*London Green News - review

New London Green News out now

Poppy, Barnet green, reviews the latest issue of London’s green newspaper.

There are some cool endorsements of our Green GLA campaign in the spring issue of London Green News, out last week.

Christian Wolmar undisputed trains expert contributes a devastating analysis of our railways; and the renowned journalist and author John-Paul Flintoff profiles Darren, so that all readers can learn better to distinguish the green Johnson from the other, blond one. Peter Tatchell is also there, cutting through the mealy-mouthed cant to expose the BNP for what it is.

The paper benefits from more than one picture of the most attractive mayoral candidate London has ever known, and if readers want to know what Green policies are for London they are outlined across a number of articles – transport features on the front page. But there’s a lot to learn not just from the articles, but the advertisements as well. Cheap holidays to Europe (by train of course) are on offer, a competition for a slap-up organic meal features among all sorts of environmentally friendly goods and services you may never have heard of. No letters page, yet, but there are other surprises not previewed in this short intro.

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