Friday, 14 March 2008


From SchNEWS:


Met Cops hit a new low this week - targeting a soup kitchen handing out
food to the homeless. The 'Reclaim your food' collective were
handing out free soup near The Oval, London (as they do every Sunday).
Twenty cops in two vans - plus a CCTV crew - turned up to ensure that
this act of flagrant charity did not go unpunished.

Enraged by the free organic bread, skipped soup and insurrectionary
rhubarb crumble on offer, the plod had no choice but to act. Two of the
servers were arrested, while everyone else was held in a kettle and
photographed. All this because they were causing alarm, harassment and
distress to the local 'community' and apparently 'attracting crack
dealers' (well we all know how much they love a good crumble with the

SchNEWS's man on the scene has made a short film - see

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