Thursday, 17 April 2008

*Academic study predicts Green gain on London Assembly.

The London Communications Agency's report on the forthcoming GLA elections was released today. Written by leading London politics academic, Tony Travers, it predicts one Green gain as follows:

"The Green Party will be looking to pick up one or both of the seats that One London will probably lose. The recent increase in environmental concerns should ensure this happens, as well as the strong performance of the Green Party on the London Assembly over the past term."

"Noel Lynch returns to the Assembly as Green member, four years after he lost his seat, alongside Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson, whose influence in the Assembly will depend hugely on whether Ken Livingstone wins a third term."

A similar report for the 2006 Local Elections correctly predicted six Green gains in Lewisham. It says the mayoral race is too close to call. The full 2008 report is available at

In 2000 Tony Travers was the first to predict that the Green Party would gain seats in the Assembly.

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