Tuesday, 15 April 2008


ITV - 18.25 || BBC - 18.55 || View it now - online at www.votegreenparty.org.uk

Advance stills attached, and at http://www.flickr.com/photos/votegreen/

The Green Party's visually stunning broadcast for the local elections
airs tonight at 18.25 on ITV and 18.55 on both BBC1 . The film,
produced by Contaminant Media and animated by sought-after Shroom
Studios, uses no actors; instead real people were invited to discuss
their concerns, making a compelling argument for Green solutions for a
more affordable and fairer society.

Recent polling has suggested that the Greens could continue to
increase their representation on councils throughout England,
including Norwich Greens moving to within a handful of seats of the
ruling Labour Party. Green councillors have been able to introduce
ideas and policies that put communities first, that support local
businesses and campaigns for affordable housing, that provides free
insulation that saves householders money - wide-ranging policies
reflected in the broadcast that the Greens are delivering and changing
lives for good:

-- Free insulation for every home
-- More affordable housing
-- Free School Meals
-- Safer speed limits
-- Low-cost loans for renewable energy devices like solar panels, and
council led renewable energy and energy efficiency drives

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