Saturday, 30 August 2008

*Green homes 'easier to sell'

Buyers said they would be willing to spend more on homes that need less energy
Half of UK householders believe energy efficient homes are easier to sell in the current market and 53% say they would be willing to pay extra for them. But research from the Energy Saving Trust has suggested that householders think estate agents could be under-selling the value of greener homes.

Although buyers are willing to pay out on average £3,350 more for a green home, almost half think estate agents do not put enough value on a home's green features, and even more believe estate agents do not know enough about energy efficiency performance.

Two-thirds of buyers said they would like more guidance from estate agents on the likely running costs of a home before they buy. Most of those surveyed said a poor energy rating on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) could lead to buyers haggling down the price of a home on the market, and two-thirds agreed that buyers are more likely to consider the EPC given soaring energy bills.

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